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Government kicking back a payment and forclosing on my daughters house - Mortgage

- 3337 Lomalai, Kingman, AZ 86401

My daughter fell back on her mortgage due to financial difficulties and she was told her house was going into forclosure. One payment was sent and it is lost. We were told that she had to pay 937.34 and she had 198.00 unapplied and if we sent that amount by money gram from Walmart before June 12, she would be out of foreclosure. We did that and I called to make sure they received the payment and posted the unapplied. The person I spoke to said they did receive the money and posted the unapplied and told me everyting was ok now. This last week she received a letter stating she was still in foreclosure and her payment of 937.34 was returned to the local office and she would have to pay an additional $400.00. She was charged 10.059 per day. She lives on a fixed income and has 3 children. She has lived in this house for 6 years and it seems to me they want to make sure she cannot pay to get herself out of the mortgage. I thought the goverment was trying to help people save there houses. But this is a goverment house under Rurual housing. We are desperate to find a way to save her house. Can you please help us?

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