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- Jacksonville, FL

Purchased a 2001 Saturn for $1000 cash, the transmission started slipping immediately. We notified the dealership they told us we could bring it back and pick out another car, because they were going to the car auction that week and we could have first pick. We selected a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier which they would sell us for $2300. They would apply the $1000. The car needed painting and they said they would take care of that. The company painted two panels and fixed a dent. He said he wouldn't paint the rest of the car because he was in a dispute with the car delaership. (although we were told they would paint the whole car).

We purchased the car in November. The car was repossessed on December 30th because they said the payment of $100 was due on December 10th. We thought it was January 10th. We wnet to the dealership on Dec 31 to make the payment and pay the repo fee, which was $420. We were told we would now need to pay 1/2 the car balance and the $420, but they would accept $1420.00 to get the car back. We were at the dealership around December 10th because we had to get a new temp tag because they had never registered the car. We told them we would have made the payment but it was never mentioned and again we thought the payments started in January. We couldn't review our paperwork because it was inside of the car. We asked to retrieve our stuff out of the car, and they told us to come back the next day, New Years day. I am calling them and of course no one is answering. Other people were at the dealership with same complaints. They are keeping the car and the $1000.00. One more note when we brought the Saturn back we wrote a contract for the Chevy, my son who paid the $1000 and was on the contract was in California. Instead of faxing the contract to him they told my husband to sign for him. we asked was that legal and they said "yes" we do this all of the time.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by sparklenfade0420 on 08/24/2008
the exact same thing happend to us!

Posted by paulhassler on 02/12/2010
We saw this Googin on Judge Judy and I'd say that I hope she does put him out of business. He kept poking the little person Aubrey and it sure irritated Googin that Judy chastised him, as she was irritated with this person who thinks he' a man. I truly hope he screwed the womans car up so Judge Judy will follow through, he does not deserve to sell cars to unsupecting, innocent people. That's my take, he's totally dishonest and takes advantage of all people. Bless y'all. Paul C. Hassler

Posted by skipbear on 02/22/2010
The gur was just on "Judge Judy" similar complaint,

Posted by surberbrandon on 09/08/2010

Posted by April_bcch on 10/19/2012
I am a single mother and have purchased several cars from googins auto sales other the years as well as many friends and family members. Of course I understand I'm purchasing a used car and taking a risk and when I drive off the lot there's on warranty but I know a number of times that googins has went out of his way to make the situation right, although he didn't have to. I purchased a Neon put 500.00 down and b4 my 1st payment was due I wrecked and totaled the car,the wreck was my fault and I only had p.i.p insurance, I had no ideal what I was gonna do, I called googins and he knew I'm a single mom and have to work and get my kids around. He could have sued me for the balance owed on car but he didn't he actually just acted like the neon never existed and let me get another car adding the 500.00 that I put down on neon to the new car. No where else would have done that. I have in the past and will continue to purchase and refer googins auto sales.

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