GOOD WILL DONATION CENTER AT 472 N Us-67 Florissant MO 63031 Complaint


- GOOD WILL 472 N Us-67 Florissant MO

I went to donate items to the Good Will donation center at
472 N Us-67 Florissant MO 63031. The donations are being accepted at the back of the store, with emploees accepting the donations. I have noticed a huge dumpster located in the same area close to the door, and in it were items donated, crushed that were still useful! Some items I spotted were tumbling mats - still good, clothing, anything that could still be used. If the store is overwhelmed with donations, they lack a system of relocating overflow of donations to a different center or lack a program of giving to the homeless, less fortunate of any kind, who could use the extra donations. Please check into that. There is also St. Vincent trift store on the corner of W. FLorissant and Chambers who practices the same procedure. I looked in the dumpster and dug out 2 pairs of perfectly good military boots donated there. St. Vincent also throws away perfectly good clothing, furniture, dishes, Christmas decorations, like-new books, etc. in the dumpster behind the store. This practice is easy to correct by having a way to usefully re-direct the extra flow of donations to various agencies who could gladly pick them up. Another way to dispose of items the 2 stores or any donation centers who cannot handle the overflow, is to re-donate those items to individuals working to feed the homeless, like Larry Rice does.

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