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Go Phone monthly charges for unauthorized java application - pay as you go mobile phone

- Bay Area of California

We purchased a Go Phone from AT&T last Christmas for our daughter. She uses it to receive calls from us when we're running late to pick her up and other basic communication needs... yes, this includes texting friends, but not excessively. We use pay as you go plans to keep our monthly expenditures down, but I noticed that she was going through her minutes. I finally decided to look at her usage history and noticed a charge for "ringtones/answertones/games", something she did not download. I checked the previous month and saw the same charge and took a look at the monthly charges back until May, seeing the same charge every month. I called AT&T requesting a credit to the account since we did not authorize these charges. Supervisor Carese said she could only credit me one month. She said the charge was for a java application called "snap" and that typically these applications are pushed through if you ignore the request to download (ignore=yes). Of course my daughter would ignore any request because she's afraid of being charged for an incoming and outgoing text! I realize everyone wants to blame the kid ("sure she didn't download"), but every member of our family is trying to cut down on expenses including the use of minutes. If she really wanted to download something, she would have asked as she has for other things in the past. We should not be charged for something we did NOT agree to download and AT&T should credit the account for every month this happened. Furthermore, what is this java application and how can it automatically charge us for something, even if we ignored the request? If someone came up to me and asked for $5.00 and I ignored him, would that give him the right to open my wallet and take money from it? Consumers should also be aware of these pushed through charges.

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