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French Connection! How we are losing our house to a French Banking Giant! - Home Mortgage Loans

- Los Gatos, CA

I am writing to you to help us save our California home! I am hoping you could investigate why a Tampa Loan Servicing Company retained by Societe Generale a French Banking Giant is raising our monthly payment from $4,528 per month to $7,449, despite our Hardship documentation showing our struggle to make the current payment! We believe this is a clear case of these guys trying to appease Congress that they are offering Loan Modifications to their borrower. I would love to find out if this French Bank have received any bail out dollars and now they are forcing us to lose our house!! Please help us out. I have a lot documentation from our communications with them which will make good TV. I also have an adorable photogenic family too. Final pinch was that Quantum Servicing ordered an appraisal to prove to us that the value was still valid at $1.4M!! But when they got the appraisal report showing the value is well below $1M, they refused to forgive the accumulated principal as part of an Option Arm loan as they had initially indicated! Our stress level here is deadly!! In August 12, 2009 my VP of Business Development Derrick White committed suicide. He has lost his homes and business. Derrick was 40 years old! Please help us contact company management and put these guys to see if we can expose their sham practice and have them offer us a real plan! We are ok to share the burden, but it's extremely disheartening that after getting bailout money, these banks are refusing to do ANYTHING to help us!! The irritating part is that the bank who is doing this to us is not even a US based bank!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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