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The premier CreditCard Scam - Creditcard

- Souix falls, SD


Well I'd like to know how these guys get away with this stuff ! and who validates them to stay alive and swindle more people ? First Off ~ I had become a victim of these idiots ! Not once, but twice ! first they sent the card and explained I lost it ! and so they canceled it and then sent me another card real fast ~ a new card ~ with charges already applied on it ~ 5 magazine subscriptions ! that I disputed ? anyway then another card arrives in the mail ! And they tell me its the replacement Card for that lost one ! well I tried to complain ! But they don\'t have time to listen to anyone ! They just constantly hound you for any amount of money that you can deposit ! But when I really needed to use it last week !

The card that I paid all the fees on ! was denied ! Why ? well because, I complained about the mess up & there excuse was that I have to pay for another membership fee\'s 197.00 + for the other card ? and the replacement card that they sent me was no good ! even after all the fees were paid ! Now How can I get any of my money back if at all possible ? why isn't this kind of scam ~ made more public ? Please help me find a solution to this mess ! Thank you Mike fowler

Damage Resulting
lost of Monies I set to them for membership fees ! and they applied the fees to the cards ? and then with No available credit on the credit card ! And constant calls from the harassing collection people that first premier banking has working to collect ! Its a complete scam ! How in the World can these guys be in business and offer Credit to People ? what kind of return can I get for canceling my account if possible ?

Can you help me Please to fix this problem !

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