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Propane Gas Rip Off

- Kingman, AZ

Late last spring I decided to quit buying propane from Ferrellgas because their prices were getting out of hand. I told the delivery driver not to fill my tank; that I would use the remaining propane up and then have them remove their tank. At the time the tank was approximately 50% full.

The tank is now at 20% capacity (or approximately 55 gallons) and yesterday I received a bill from Ferrellgas. They've charged me $200 for a "Low Usage Fee."

It's ridiculous. I've been in continuous residence here and have been using the gas in the tank as I always have, year in and year out.

I planned on having Ferrellgas remove the tank when it became 5% full since they won't reimburse me for any fuel remaining in the tank.

What can I do? I'm being ripped off!

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Reader Comments:

Posted by awaytome on 10/08/2007
Ferrellgas is charging us the same $200 "low usage fee"! A 250 gallon tank was in place when we bought this house several years ago. It was used by the previous owners to heat the swimming pool. We contacted them as new owners of the house. Because of the high cost of gas we decided not to use it to heat the pool and had them hook it up to the BBQ and burner instead which uses a very small amount of gas in comparison to the pool. Ferrellgas never explained any of the conditions for use of their tank nor asked if we might want a smaller one. Have you read the conditions in the contract they give you AFTER you agree to their service? They are insane! It says we have to use at least 500 gallons of propane every 12 months! They can terminate us at will and take the tank without reimbursing us for the propane we have already purchased!! No one should do business with this company! I plan to contact the state attorney general about this if Ferrellgas doesn't settle with us equitably. I'll make complaints at Ripoff Report and with BBB. I don't know what else to do.

Posted by propane678 on 02/06/2008
If I send you a bill for reading your story are you going to pay me???

Sounds like about the same situatoin... Do you want a bill? P.S. Do not worry about their bill.

Posted by jhosman on 05/19/2008
ferrell gas has just sent me the same bill calling it a low useage fee, I pay $75 a year for the tank rental and now they want 200.00 for not filling it what a joke, sounds like a class actyion law suite is in order.

Posted by janrnbsn on 10/31/2008
I received a bill today from FerrellGas. They are charging me $175 no use fee. I have already paid $105 for tank rental. I'm being ripped off too. What do we do now? I"ve had a lot of trouble with them in the past for over charging our account. They are not trust worthy nor reliable.

Posted by mnlsimons on 11/03/2008
I have also received a bill on 11/1/08 for a no usage fee in the amount of $299.00 in the middle of September I just paid our rental fee of $70.46 We just purchased our home in February of 07 with the tank already on the property, we only use the propane to keep our dryer going so we use very little propane as well. we never got an agreement to look at, nothing. And why will all the comments and lawsuits going around with Ferrellgas are all the no usage fees all different amounts, so far mine is the highest I have come across. Makes no sence to me, I as well will not be paying this bill.

Posted by j.petting on 12/10/2008
Last night we had a problem we ran over the gas line with the tractor and it bent the copper. It didn't break the line just bent it. So I called the 24hr help desk to see what they wanted me to do? Then they told me that because I called them they have to send someone out there to look at it and this was going to cost me $260. I told them DO NOT SEND ANYONE OUT HERE!! (Two times) The gas is turned off and there is no leak in the line it is just bent. The guy I was talking to told me that he would have to talk to his supervisor. I said ok and we hung up. Next thing I know there is someone knocking on my door. He came out and put a red tag on the tank. (that costs $260) Turns out that half of my gas line was black pipe and they wont turn it back on or fix it without a HUGE BILL. They have locked us in until march and now they are going to charge us the low usage fee because we bought a wood stove. The gas prices were so high we had no choice. And now I cant even leave ferrellgas withouth them charging me more fee's. They are a Ripoff!!

Posted by wolfpup003 on 12/11/2008
my grandmother was just telling me last night about Ferrell gas. She has lived in the same house for 20 years. Never had a rental fee of any kind. Ferrell gas bought out the place she was using for gas in 2006 or 2007.
all of a sudden in spring of 2008, she gets a bill for $25 rental fee. Then in October another rental fee for $83. And last week she got the same low usage fee of $199.
how in the world is it she has never paid a rental fee and now being charged all of this?

Posted by rrman72 on 12/16/2008
Ferrellgas is sticking to everyone they can.I had bought a house in Glennie Mi and had them fill the tank and within 2 months had to have it fill again.Found out it had a leak on the tank.They said they would come replace it but instead come out and tried to repair it.Then they refilled it at my expence again.3-4 months later again it was leaking.Called them and I said.Bring me a nother tank and fill it at ur expence or come get you tank And pay me for what i lost and what is in it.After about 2weeks I had Another company bring me a tank.Well Ferrell left the tank till it was empty from leaking.AND I NEVER GOT CRAP BACK FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by rogergang on 12/16/2008
Please check this site out might be able to help.

Posted by ca21595423 on 01/24/2009
Ferrell Gas Co is nothing but a ripoff. Last winter when I was using propane for water heating, cooking, furnace, I had to order tank top-off every three weeks because of the poorly-insulated house I rented. I was put on a balanced payment plan of $174.29 and paid the bills immediately on the day I received them.I moved from that house last August, notified Ferrell I had moved, gave my new address and phone number. The person I spoke to fully understood I wouldn't be using fuel service any more. Since August I have continued paying on the account and the amount owed was coming down by nearly $175 each month. Last month I got a notice that my balanced payment plan would be $190 per month (quoting..) "because of historical usage." "Historical Usage," on an account I wasn't using for any purpose other than to pay it off. Called Ferrell Corporate, since it makes no sense to try to deal with Ferrell local here in Lake County CA. I was told that since I wasn't living in the prior house any more, I'd be sent an amended bill. That showed up yesterday. It was amended alright. Ferrell demanded a final lump-sum payment of over $700 which I was somehow supposed to pay out of my $1,000 SSA (Disabled Person) check and supposedly be able to pay other bills such as rent, electricity, and oh yes, also little luxuries such as food. I again phoned Ferrell Corporate where the offices were of course closed so left a message asking that I be contacted. This morning, January 24, 2009, I have been shouted at, interrupted, scolded, maligned, and had full-payment demands leveled at me by 4 of Ferrell's non-listening employees. "You must pay immediately." "I cannot as I've explained already pay over $700 immediately. I have $78 to last until the 3rd of February. Would Ferrell accept, starting in February, the same balanced payment amount I've been paying until this fee raise nonsense began?" "No, you didn't pay so you are now off the balanced payment plan. You MUST pay something this month. We want at least $60." I again explained I have $78, and said that I couldn't live on $18 for food for a week and a half. The Bitch #4 (I kept getting transferred from person to person), apparently head supervisor of corporate, didn't want to listen, interrupted me constantly, kept raising the volume of her voice despite the fact I told her I'm just old, not deaf. She insisted she could see to it the amount I owe now could be doubled because she fully intended to turn my account over to a collection agency.Well, I sorta lost it. I told her to go ahead and send me to collections, that my SSA check is NOT attachable..."Yes it is, she interrupted to shout at me. "No, it's not. I suggest you read the law," I told her. "We can TOO attach all your money, you won't have a dime to live on until what you owe is paid, plus whatever fees the collection agencies want to charge you." I finally got the idiot to calm down, stop shouting at me unnecessarily, and was forced to agree to somehow try to live on $18 till February 4, '09. Then the ripoff Ferrell (ought to be "FERAL" considering how I've been treated) will be instantly-grabbing chunks of my dollars from my bank account monthly until what I owe and have been paying down each month is in the coffers of the rip-off bastards. DON'T DO BUSINESS AT ALL WITH THIS COMPANY. I certainly never will again, no matter if I again move and must again buy propane for any or all of a house's operating needs. Ferrell Bitches' parting shot was to demand an e-mail address from me, when I asked for a confirmation of today's discussion on the phone. "Absolutely not," I said, "I'm not going to let Ferrell sell my contact information to every spammer who wants it...send the letter of confirmation to my home address." She yelled at me, interrupted still more, and claimed I HAD to give her an e-mail address. I wonder what she would have done to someone who didn't have access to a computer??

Posted by glbmin on 06/20/2009
I have had a problem with ferrell gas for three years,plus. 06-20-09
I called them and ask that our tank be removed three years ago. They came out that week and removed the regulator. THEN "two years" went by. Because we have a different source of heat than propane the tank sat there. Then we decided to use the fuel we had in the tank and get more.I called and they didn't know why the tank was not picked up. Plus the wanted several hundred dollars for low usage fee,which they finally waved. At one point the wanted $4.00 a gallon to fill the tank when all the other gas companies were around $2.30. I suppose to make us not order any fuel #*? They promised to come and put a regulator on and sell us propane at a reduced cost. This was on Oct.08. We went the winter using our other source of fuel. I called in march/april and asked why we never recieved a regulator thus we could not use or order any fuel.
They didn't know. But they will come right out and put a regulator on and fill our tank at a reduced cost. They did put a regulator on,but they wanted to put their own line in and put two regulators on and charge us for doing it! I know a retired gas man, plus I called other gas companies around the state ,and none of them ever heard of two regulators on a house!!!
It's time that someone monitors ferrell gas and their actions on the legal end.

Posted by MJones2145 on 11/20/2009
Last summer my propane tank was filled because I was on the "Keep Full" program. I was charged $3.50 per gallon when the going market price in my area was $1.99 per gallon. I refused to pay the outrageous amount and finally after many phone calls and alot of yelling, Ferrellgas matched the $1.99 price. It was then I decided to switch to another propane supplier.

On 10/22/09 I notified Ferrellgas that I was going to switch suppliers and for them to come and pick up my tank. My tank rental was paid through 7/2010. I was told that I could not get a prorated refund for my tank rental charges. Also, today they picked up the tank and tried to charge me $85.99 for the pick up of their tank. I immediately called their office and complained. The told me that the charges would be canceled. We'll see if that happens.

The moral to the story is to NEVER use Ferrellgas as a propane supplier. The are a ripoff and try at every opportunity to gouge their customers using unscrupulous tactics.

Posted by egnalamit on 12/12/2009
Be careful to read the master agreement that is sent out. It says you agree to take two fills per year.

Posted by alamo3us on 01/08/2010
Dear Ferrellgas I have been without gas for 12 hours now, you have lied to me for a solid week about delivering my gas, I have had to call everyday because you can only tell me from day to day if my delivery is scheduled for that day.

I have ALL of the lies you told me on tape and I am, going to post them on YouTube so people can see for themself who is lying.

Posted by rkmoore on 02/22/2010
My landlord just had his tank seized. It's one of those giant tanks from Ferrell Gas. The landlord was going to convert everything to propane, which is the reason he kept the big one.) However, presently, it's only used to fuel a stove in my rented place, so it never needed to be topped off. Well, I put 50 gallons in it last month (after 9 years.) Apparently, my landlord had those low use/ no use fees applied to his account, but Ferrell gas keeps bad records and is confusing our accounts. Therefore, I'm trying to prove that I didn't put hundreds and hundreds of dollars of propane in the giant tank for the small stove I have used. Note: Not even the stove was used from 2008 to late 2009.

I'm sure any propane delivery guy would see what happened here--that is--the low use/no use fees were mistakenly applied to my account over the years. They would know that I could not possibly have used so much propane for a stove used by two adults.

Ferrell still claimed the tank was being taken because the propane wasn't paid for. I stated that if my landlord was paying the low use/ no use, then why would you seize his tank if you think I did not pay. My propane was inside the tank they took. Ha!

Well, now they are checking the archives to see that the old balance was for low pay/ no pay.

Posted by shineelite on 02/28/2010
Oh, and incidentally, it's really EASY to file a complaint against them .. in my case, I need to do so in the Kansas City branch of the Better Business Bureau (Ferrell's headquarters), but given that they do business virtually all over the US, EVERY ONE has the opportunity to air a gripe. PS - Ferrellgas was rated as a solid "F" for the hundreds of complaints lodged against them. Keep 'em coming, friends!

Posted by whitehurricanes on 02/28/2010
Shineelite is right - Check this link and stats:


"BBB processed a total of 145 complaints about this company in the last 36 months. Of the total of 145 complaints closed in 36 months, 82 were closed in the last year.
These complaints concerned :
8 regarding Issue Not Defined
3 regarding Advertising Issues
1 - Advertised price not honored
1 - Advertisement misrepresented a service
1 - Bait

Posted by msmichigan1022 on 03/21/2010
What a sham. I think most of propane companys need to be over seen and they are not so they do any thing they want. My neibor checks her tank eveyday and she was at 20% got a bill from the propane company for 400.00 and called them and said i didnt get this propane. oh they said there must of been a mistake we will be out to check and they did and found the tank was where she said it was. talk about getting riped off.oh they said must of went to someone elses house .

Posted by brian.flagg on 04/08/2010
Call Detweiler's Propane if you live in Sarasota, FL. Otherwise, find a company in your area that is not charging a low useage fee and get rid of Ferrellgas. What arrogance, to charge when no service is provided. I honestly don't know why the Attorneys General are not going after these firms (Suburban Propane in Sarasota is another) that are charging fees to NOT provide a service.

Posted by peichele on 04/24/2010
Some years ago, I began my propane gas venture and discovered how gas companies would give you some great promotional deal which includes their tank and gas to get set up with their company and all you have to do is continue to have them fill your tank. Time goes by and then the BS charges start like semi-annual tank fee rental, service fee to come read your meter...blah blah blah. I soon gave up on all of their crap, and bought my own tank, though somewhat pricey, I found a company to install the tank and fill it. Needless to say, I've never gone back to get gas from that company because they merged with a larger more high priced company. With my own tank I can shop for the lowest price and fill it as much or as little as I want. Hope this helps.

Posted by jabianco on 11/06/2011
I stopped service from Ferrell gas when I was charged almost $1,000.00 to fill a tank on Febr. 8th after it was filled on 12/23rd of Dec.!!! AND we weren't even in the house to use the furnace! (Although I was given a small credit, it made me mad enough to change service providers!) BUT it's hard to forget that kind of treatment after trying to be a good customer for almost ten years! (Made me wonder how many years I paid for NOTHING!)

Posted by reno565 on 05/23/2012
Just look around on Craigslist or others and try to find a used tank to buy,average price is about a dollar a gallon on size,not much can go wrong on tanks ,all can be repaired except for rusting out. Then you can shop around for the best price, just ask propane co.what is your COT(customer own tank) price today .Best and cheapest way to go!

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