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Fashion Bug bugs credit cards - credit card dunns for late fees

- Bay City Mi

I paid my final payment late to Fashion Bug..I had been in the hospital and had open-heart surgery..I knew I was late and fully expected a late payment..but I had been a good customer and always paid on time..Well being it took me a long time to recupe, I ended up paying the late payment late also..Late payment was over $20.00 for a product already paid for.. Being a person that has always played by the rules, I paid the outrageous late fee.. Sure enough I got another late fee just 2 weeks later..I tried calling but couldn't get a real person..I spent 30 minutes listening to recordings..Then I get another late fee which now ran over $40.00 forA PRODUCT ALREADY PAID FOR..I tried for another 30 minutes on the phone couldn't talk to a real person.. only recordings.. Finally out of desperation I called the stolen credit card line to finally reach a real person to talk to.. I explained my situation and this nice young man removed the late fees and gave me a conformation number..Which made me think this was the end of it..But NO!!! I get more late fees..I ignored them thinking there bookkeeping hadn't caught up with the conformation number.. The letters were getting threatening..I called the stolen credit card number and talked to a not so nice person who insisted I pay even though I had a conformation number..I never understood this but thats the way it went.. Now I am getting letters or calls daily. I refuse to pay this and the never-ending calls and threats are getting to me..I WILL CONTINUE TO REFUSE TO PAY THEM.. THE PRODUCT IS PAID FOR AND THE LATE FEE WAS PAID..THEY HAVE LOST A GOOD CUSTOMER..

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