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False promise to buyers in order to scam them into buying careplan for jewelery - careplan for jewelery

- Schaumburg, IL

I purchased a diamond ring on 12-22-2008, where I also purchased a lifetime care plan. After I purchased the plan, the sales associate insured me that if anything happened to my ring, I'm covered under the care plan, and I do not need to keep the receipt or anything, they can just look me up in the system. One of the small diamonds fell out of my ring a couple weeks ago, so I went back to the store to have it repair, and to my surprise, the sales associates can not find me in the system, and advised me to come back to talk to the manager - Cythia, because she's on vacation at that time, and she's the only one that can pull up older records. I waited a week or so till she came back, after I spoke to her only then she told me that she wasn't able to obtain the receipt because she can only look back for 6 months, and only the security manager could, but not likely since it's been almost 2 years (1 year and 8 months), but he's on vacation also till later this week. She also stated that when I purchased the ring, it's up to the sales person to enter my information, and although they can find me in the system, but there's no repair information or care plan recorded. It should not be my responsibility whether a JCPenney's sales person enter my information in the syste!!! As I was inquiring about the repair, another sales associate was telling some other potential customers right next to me that if they purchase the care plan, they can look it up in the system with no receipts needed! WHAT? This is all just a lie, and a trick to get us to purchase the care plan! I am totally cheated! I can't believe as credible as JCPenney is suppose to be, this is what they do to scam your customers into making a purchase? I also called your corporate customer relations department, and some one answered the phone said that a corporate manager will reach out to me and that was 9-3-10 10 days ago and no calls yet. I also emailed all the "service department in JCPenney, and the only response I received was that they will forward my concern to the store that I purchased the ring from. Why would that do me any good since the store was where I had the problem to begin with? And yet, still no response since 9-16-2010. I really love my ring, and don't understand the concept of me paying for nothing! And at this day and age, it's really hard to believe they do not have the information they PROMISED me in the system electronically! Then don't promise the customers something you can not do!

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Posted by g on 06/25/2011

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