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False Advertising by A Commercial w/Direct TV - NFL Ticket

- Colton Ca

Direct TV advertises the NFL Ticket with Deon Sanders as a Fairy. He says call "Direct TV" to get your free subscription before the offer expires. Our neighbor got it "Free" and is a current Direct TV customer and we are too, however Jeremy in Cust. Service stated that in "FINE PRINT" (mind you this is a commercial)it's for New Customers. Also, he has had many clients calling with the same request...s but he is not able to comply to their requests and I asked to talk to his Supervisor and after about 10mins. got transferred. Kylie (supervisor)Emp#100196216 stated the same as Jeremy and is aware of this commercial and that they are having a lot of problems as well and it appears to be misleading as well. She said that they can only honor this deal to New Customers and that the commercial states in Fine Print "New Customers".
Again, who can view "Fine Print" on a commercial. It is not mentioned by Deon Sanders.....This is not right and yet my neighbor complained and they finally gave it to her for the first year "FREE" because they knew the commercial was wrong.

My question is that, Who can see the Fine Print when watching a commercial with Deon flying around as a Fairy? This is very misleading and I want to be directed to someone that can assist me with taking this further. This is not right? We have been as well as our neighbor with Direct TV for many, many years and if they honored her with it free then it should be honored for anyone else that has this problem due to the commercial.
Thank You

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