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How the American Oil Companies are killing America - Fuel/Energy

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This is more a question than a story. It involves every American, and most of the world. Some questions need to be presented to and evaluated by all Americans and world residents that have a requirment for Energy, Food, Housing, Etc....

My question -
How is it that Exxon-Mobile have posted continual record profits in the past few years, when the cost of fuel has sky-rocketed beyond the ability for the average consumer to keep up?

It seems to me that greed is the catalyst for severly lowering the standard of living for all Americans. I direct this greed toward big businesses that supply essential products for survival to the American public.

Exxon-Mobile has been raising the prices of fuel disproportonate to the cost of Middle Eastern Oil. It really doesn't matter what the cost of oil per barrel is. What matters is the Energy Cartels that take advantage of it to the point of disruption of our life styles.

What does it matter the cost of oil per barrel, when American Oil Companies are making record profits? Record profits don't appear unless the profit margin for the product is greatly increased. This gouging of the American public must be addressed. Unfortunately, our current Government leadership is doing nothing about it. Pay no attention to the fact that both George W. Bush and Dick Chaney are both oil men. They are getting a direct profit to their pockets at the expense of the American people. I am truly tired of watching our president hold hands with the Saudi oil Princes, (literally). The Bush family has been in oil since the 1920's. The current Bush administraction, (top people), are making a killing on the profiteering of the oil companies of America. Would an American Patriot that loved their country do this to their country? I don't think so. I certainly would not. I have spoken to others that feel the same. Why then is the Bush Administration allowing this? We are supposed to be the most powerful nation in the world, yet at the same time we are held at bay by our own internal greed.

Diesel fuel is almost the cheapest fuel, (if not the cheapest), for internal combustion engines. It is also a step in the refinement process of gasonline. You actually have to produce diesel fuel as a by product. Do you remember when gas hit about $1 per gallon? What was to cost of diesl fuel then? I am not sure of the exact amount, but what I am sure of is the automotive industry coming up with diesel powered trucks and cars. Would they do that if diesel was the most expensive fuel? NO, they would not. No one would purchase the vehicles, therefore not making it cost effective. Why are trucks diesel powered? Because, before the Bush Administration, that was the most cost effective way to power these vehicles. Now in Southern California, diesel fuel is approximately $0.33 dollars per gallon more expensive than the premium fuel I run in my motorcycle. We are getting killed by our own corporate America, not the Middle East. Granted, the Middle East isn't helping, but the whole situation is giving an excuse to the greedy oil companies to rape us.
This situation needs to be addressed by the American public, and pressure need be put on the leaders of the present. In my opinion, our present administration doesn't care a bit of the American public's ability to retain a life style. Our politics are out of hand. Severe reperation need take place.
The cost of fuel not only effects daily life, but it is lowering our standard of living. How, one might ask? The cost of the fuel that brings products to all over the country is astronomically higher. That in turn raises the price of these products proportionately. Tell me, what products don't arrive at your local stores by trucks? This also affects all products that use patroleum distalates. Shoes, clothing, etc..
This raises our cost of living. The average employer can not affort to pay their people in the same ratio of the cost of living hikes due directly to fuel prices.
SHAME ON AMERICAN OIL COMPANIES!! That's not the verbage I would like to use, but I must be politaclly correct!

Now lets look at another small American industry. The Pharmacuticals. These people figure out a way to charge thousands of dollars for life saving drugs. Why thousands one might ask? People that do not have excellent medical insurance die because they can't afford to pay for it. Do the Pharmacutical companies care? I don't think so. All they care about is the bottom line.

It is getting worse and worse. If the American public does not insist that our leadership get this greed under control, we will have the very rich, and the very poor. The middle class I we know it will disappear.

I have great fear for my children and their children's children. I don't know what to do about it except try to make people understand. I don't know how to make that happen either. I wish to help my country. I am a Veitnam era veteran. I love my country, and it is killing me to see what it is evolving in to. This country needs people that love the country first, and money is secondary. Does it exist? I don't know.


I am at your disposal.

Very very Sincerely,

Dave from California

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Reader Comments:

Posted by youranidoit on 04/07/2009
BIG BUSINESS!!! RARRR!!!! Wake up a little bit before you post such uneducated stories. If you don't think that the price of a gallon of gas is effected by the price of a barrel of oil, then your an idiot. When big business makes money, the little guys all try and take up the pitchforks.

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