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Extended Warranty Vehicle Scam - Extended Warranty

- St Peters ,MO

Back in January 2011, I was mailed a Extended Warranty, I called and was advised that this would help me protect my vehicle and would save me money, When speaking to the Rep that was recorded I was advised that I would have a Peace of Mind knowing that my finances will not be disturbed whenever a repair may be necessary.

This is were it all began on how they are scammers, On 4/22/11 I went to start my 2004 Kia Sorento and I heard a knocking in the engine, I turned the car off and called the Road side assisant, First they could not find me in there system, after about 15 minutes they put in a call to have my car towed to the location I requested Tire Plus, Because it was a weekend and a Holiday Tire Plus waited and called on Monday 4/25/11 to report this to Motor Vehicle Solutions, They advised Tire Plus To tear down the motor so that they could see what had happen, The inspector was not happy and advised Tire Plus they needed to tear down further, After the inspector came out a 2nd time the cause of they Engine being blown was because of the Valve Runner Broke and 2 Pieces fell into the Engine, I was advised by the warranty company that this part is not covered, even though the Engine is. So I am so upset because I was told that I would have a peace of mind and not to worry...
Please help me to figure out if I can get some help to get my Kia back up and running.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by latyshamosby on 12/30/2015
Wow, me and my husband are going thru the same thing. Our truck has been at the midas a week before Christmas and in two days it will be new years day. We just need an alternator and we have an oil leak. The inspector came out yesterday yet we're still waiting to get approved for the work to get started.

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