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Tri-City Rip-Off

Charged a curio cabinet on my credit card, purchase was made by phone after seeing product on the web. A week later canceled the order. Was told I would be charged a 20% re-stocking fee. This item was neither shipped or received. Why should I be charged a re-stocking fee ? Over a week later I still have not recived a credit to my account. I've sent a complaint to the NYS Attorney Generals Office. Under no circumstances do business with this company located at 545 8th Ave, Suite 40, NY, NY 10018

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Reader Comments:

Posted by singleton2184 on 06/21/2007
I think I am having similar experience. They have had my money now for 6 weeks. Made three (3) promise delivery dates that were not met. Although was not informed of a 20% restocking fee...would really tick me off...seem to be having trouble getting reimbursed.

Posted by craigjhicksfrazer on 06/22/2007
Absolutely never do business with these people!!! They take your order, take your money and deliver nothing. I’m currently $3,000 out of pocket having been promised a credit to my credit card but nothing has materialized. They assured me I would receive a delivery at the beginning of June (having placed the order in May) and after a huge amount of chasing they finally said that I would get the order in the middle of July. On the assumption this was 6 weeks late they gave me the option to cancel the order for a full credit which I took. Needless to say no money has shown up as yet

Posted by Phalanda on 06/23/2007
I am having the same problems with this company. I placed my order back on 03/30/07. They take your order and your money. I am now out of $2099.00. They have had my money for little over three months. I have contacted them, time and time again about my delivery. All I ended up getting is empty promises. I finally cancelled my order and am still waiting for my money to be returned to me. I have reported them to the NYS Better Business Bureau. Beware all hard working people this company is shady and under any circumstances do business with Everyday Furnishings located at 545 Eighth Ave, Suite 40,NY,NY 10018.

P. Williams

Raleigh NC

Posted by Helmarmom on 07/23/2007
I've been scammed too. Order place in April for $4200 worth of bedroom furniture. There place of business is just a generic answering service. They are NOT legit. I was promised delivery by SUN Delivery over the past 5 weeks, trying to get my credit card company to help at this point. I know none of us will probably ever see our money again. I have contacted a lawyer, and am also filing a complaint with the NYS AGA's office, and the BBB (they have 17 complaints listed over the past 12 months!) Don't do business with them!!!!!

Posted by twerring on 09/06/2007
Everydayfurnishings.com Located at: 545 Eighth Avenue, Ste. 401 New York, NY 10018. We ordered furniture of June 16, 2007 costing $1400.00 we have yet to see our furniture. We were promised the furniture was shipped on several occasions by Sun Delivery. I called Sun Delivery and they have no clue what I am talking about. I have left numerous voice mails for a manager to call back and no one has returned my phone calls. I have spoken many times to a young lady named Suzy who repeats the same thing everytime that it will be shipped and she has no clue as to why it hasn't. Beware do not order anything from this company. They are a scam!!!

Posted by tmstinelli on 09/28/2007
I am sick reading these comments. I too have been taken by this company. Ordered an entertainment unit April 2007

Posted by akbooter on 10/05/2007
I have ordered a Magnussen Gilford Hall Chest on April 5, 2007 for 529.00. Today is Oct 5, 2007 and I have called them three times asking about the product. I was told every time that the product will arrive within one week. Today I called, and was informed that the customer service is closed on Sept 28 and 29, and Oct 4 and 5. I never had this kind of experience before in my life and I think I'll get my lawyer involved.

Posted by sklebaur on 11/05/2007
We ordered $1200 worth of furniture from EVERYDAY FURNISHINGS in June and they never delivered. It is now November 5th! Made up lies about problems with stock, and then repeatedly lied about returning money. "Check is in the mail" is a favorite of theirs. They are obviously bankrupt or thieves ..or both. I was finally told by them to "file a dispute" with the credit card company! This takes months. STAY AWAY FROM THEM! THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEVES!!

Posted by naresh_dhar on 11/07/2007
I am having the same experience with this company.

I placed my order on June 24, 2007 and as of today they have not delivered. I threatened to report them to the law enforcement agencies and they agreed to refund the money - $1998. Still no sign of refund although is has been more than 10 days since they said so.

They are crooks - Al Carter and Suzie Walker lie like champions when you get them on the phone and I would like to see them go to jail for what they are doing.

Posted by laura.linn on 11/14/2007
This company is now called ONE CLICK FURNITURE. They just changed their name! It's the same address and everything...what scammers!

Posted by laura.linn on 11/19/2007
i just did some more digging, and found that this company is part of "Furniture Brands Group" or FBG Stores....And, all the stores listed under this umbrella, which by the way, all are located at the same address of 545 8th Ave, NY:
dinettes galore.com, bedroom plaza.com, go home office.com, great to be a kid.com, living roomsnmore.com, rack it and stack it.com, tick tock shop.com, strictly chairs.com, sofa showplace.com. ALSO at this same address are the following home improvement businesses: Dream Kitchens, Apex Windows, Three Guys Floor Covering Inc., AND Ekcer Windows

Posted by laura.linn on 11/20/2007
okay, more digging: Also located at this same address are MORE online scamming stores: accentwarehouse.com, bedroomplaza.com, dinettesgalore.com, gohomeoffice.com, greattobeakid.com, livingroomsnmore.com, rackitandstackit.com, ticktockshop.com, strictlychairs.com, sofashowplace.com.....
All located at 545 8th St. New York City.

Posted by marti151 on 11/21/2007
I placed my order in June 2007. I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I've been lied to so many times I've lost count. They even promised me a $100 refund for my "inconvenience" which, so far has not and probably will not arrive. I've notified my bank and requested a refund. Hopefully, I'll be getting my refund in a few days. This company is a ripoff!!! Just wish I had googled them before I tried to make a purchase.

Posted by lindalbrennan on 11/24/2007
I ordered a bed from oneclickfurniture.com

Posted by lindalbrennan on 11/24/2007
I ordered a bed from oneclickfurniture.com

Posted by laughter4me on 11/30/2007
I ordered an accent chest 8/7/2007, it arrived tonight 8 weeks late. I too have also heard to lies about shipment. I put the charge in dispute with my credit card company. They gave me a temporary credit and got the money from their bank. It all worked out in the end but I don't give ANY credit to Everyday Furhishings. The delivery company (Sun Delivery out of North Carolina) was great. They tried to work with me and were ALWAYS very pleasant.

Posted by csmerek on 01/02/2008
Add me to the list of consumers who have been scammed! I ordered a dresser for $648 with everydayfurnishings.com. In addition to contacting my credit card, I have filed a complaint with the NY attorney generals office, advised Google's legal department that this is a fradulent advertiser (email: legal@google.com), and am now contacting the manufacturer of the dresser directly to have them stop doing business with Al Carter. The manufacturer of the dresser said that they cannot find a copy of my order that according to Suzie was placed 8 weeks ago! I am going to continue to pursue the furniture company, Google, and next up is Yahoo to get the word out about this scam.

Posted by chris8241990 on 01/02/2008
My Gram was scammed to. Ordered a rock table from this company Mar. 2007 , Recieved it once, the table had a big scratch in it, called the company said they would send out a new one in 4-6 weeks. It never came, kept calling company they say the shipping company has it to call them, call them they have no idea what you are taking about. Here it is Jan. 2, 2008 and no table. Called the credit card company told her to give them all of the information and they would dispute it for her.Hopefully she'll get her money back. This place is a rip off.

Posted by keephope on 01/03/2008
I sure wish I had read all of this before I invested $900 on curio cabinets that will never come. If anyone does hire an attorney and files a class action suit, please count me in.

Posted by bsmith4 on 01/03/2008
We have been trying to return a bed that was delivered damagaed for 5 months. Each time on the phone they swear credit is pending and the delivery service will be straight out to pick it up. NEVER BY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Posted by laura.linn on 01/09/2008
All the victims: you need to file a NO RECEIPT OF MERCHANDISE dispute with your credit card company immediately! Your card co. only allows so many days to do this, and if Al

Posted by marvin61 on 01/17/2008
This place is a huge scam. Fortunately I only lost 112.00 dollars. Thats said I suggest everyone who has been defrauded to file complaints to attempt to get their back but also to put them out of business and in jail!!! I have filed complaints with the BBB, Consumer protection agency, and the Ineternet Crime Complaint Center. I would highly recommend all doing this as it will only take you a few moments to hold these scammers accountable. Also you probably only have a about 60 days to report the fraud to your bank oredit card company so I would recommend you do that immediately if your within the 60 days. They will stop payment and refund your money if the goods have not been recieved. DONT LET THESE PEOPLE OFF THE HOOK!!! I call them everyday just to be a pain in their back side even though I know they have no intention of giving me the product or my money. I also recommend this.

Posted by ll60655 on 01/24/2008
I'm so thankful I found all of your messages, tho I wish I had seen them prior to my order for coffee tables. They have been holding my credit of $1297.00 hostage since August of '07. Same story as everybody else, different details. In any event, I will do whatever I can to bring these guys down including possibly joining a class action suit. The lovely (NOT) Suzie Walker (my customer service person @ Everyday Furnishings) listens to my story every time and then says - Your credit will be put through in 2 to 3 days - but it never comes. How can these people sleep at night?

Posted by Ygetold on 01/29/2008
This company is a SCAM!!! Do not under any circumstances do buisness with these people. I have been trying since November to get my money back for a piece of furniture that they could not provide....No luck. My guess is they are about to go bankrupt and are looking for money from any source they can get.
STAY AWAY...call the Attorney General's Office....BBB...anybody...

Posted by kcarron on 02/08/2008
Hi - Has anyone had luck with their credit card companies in disputing these charges??? That's what I was going to try first.

Add me to the list of unsatisfied customers. I sure wish I would have noticed this site before I bought. I ordered 11/23/07 and still have not received my order. I'm starting to try to get my money back today if they cannot prove to me it's been shipped.

These people should go to jail.

Posted by dmeer1 on 02/08/2008
I am having the same problem concerning a Broyhill nightstand. First they said there was a problem with delivering around Christmas - it was promised Dec. 11 - then it was supposed to come early Jan. I never heard a thing. After contacting them and canceling, I was promised a refund to my credit card in 5 - 15 business days. Now that time frame has past and after further emails to them, I have heard nothing and my account has not been credited. They are a total rip-off!!!

Posted by rangerswifesharon1 on 02/11/2008
I can also add to the long list of unhappy and ripped off customers. Ordered bedroom set and buffet in june 2007, I am still waiting. I call at least once a week and hear the same story, it was shipped from the manufacturer and you will hear from them. I have talked to customer service around two dozen times and they say they will e-mail me or call me back, they never have. Please be wise unlike me and DONOT order anything from these crooks.

Posted by bonardis on 02/21/2008
They got me too! Unbelievable that these people are still doing business and noone has been able to shut them down. MAJOR SCAM!!!! Al Carter, Suzie Walker and Stan Jay are all crooks and belong in jail. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SO CALLED COMPANY. If you have, please file a complaint with the New York Better Business Bureau, New York Attorney Generals Office, Fox 25 News and any other public arena. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

Posted by Ygetold on 02/22/2008
If I can't get my money back (I am out $1,600), there is nothing that I would like more then to see these scum trown in jail. Just a thought , what if everybody who is owed money call them about 10 times a day and harrass the hell out of them?

Posted by tom.automan on 02/27/2008
My wife was also scammed from this company.We ordered pulaski and lifestyle california. After getting no where with FBG, I started calling the furniture manufacture's. Pulaski did not give me the time of day. Lifestyle California did, I got a hold of John Decker (president of sales). He has gone to bat for me and talked to Stan personally. Stan placed an order from John the same day John called his New York rep. How funny is that! Maybe everyone should start calling the manufacturer of the item they purchased. If there is enough complaints maybe they will help. Thanks to John Decker with Lifestyles California for trying. I was able to trace the manufacturers company names through Yahoo the best. If anyone needs help, post it and I will help find the company. Thanks for this Web site. Tom from wisconsin

Posted by slomeo on 02/27/2008
I was also scammed by this company. I placed an order on 1/14/08 for an entertainment center by Aico. It was a few weeks later when I googled this company that I realized I may have been a victim of this company Everyday Furnishings. I immediately called Aico (manufacturor from California) to find out if this company was legit. I was told that furniture orders from this company were not being paid. Also, I called Sun delivery from North Carolina and they have all of their furniture on hold(no deliveries until being paid). I must say that you must call the manufaturor to get help. I have been in contact with a representative from Aico and he is trying to help because I am not the only one calling with concerns. I placed my credit card on alert. Do not wait too long. You only have a small window to dispute a charge. When you call they dont give you a straight answer or they dont even answer their customer service line. I think they are going under and are taking as much of our money with them as possbile.

Posted by valjohn103 on 03/04/2008
I am SO glad that I found this website and read these comments. I was going to order a bedroom suit from these people. So much for that idea. THANKS!

Posted by slomeo on 03/05/2008
They just changed their name again to BestBuy Decor. Under no circumstances do business with Furniture Brands Group, Everyday Furnishings or OneClick furniture.

Posted by kbmorrow on 03/14/2008
My father is out about $1000 for a curio cabinet he ordered back in October -- he's been dealing with Suzy Walker, too. At this point, I don't know that Everyday Furniture is anything more than a couple of phone lines. Another thing I would recommend is for people to get in touch with the actual makers of the furniture that they ordered through Everyday Furnishings and let them know that there's a company out there that's using their brand names on their website and appears to be a shell company

Posted by kbmorrow on 03/14/2008
I also contacted the National Home Furnishings Association, whose seal these businesses have on their websites, to complain. I was told that the NHFA is just a business networking group for furniture dealers -- these businesses are indeed members, but the organization doesn't vet its members' business practices and membership in it doesn't mean that you're legitimate or somehow certified. In short, the fact that you're a member isn't like having a Good Housekeeping Seal, which is what Everyday Furnishings is trying to suggest by placing the seal on its website like that. The NHFA is well aware of the problem and trying to deal with it. My advice is to file complaints with the BBB and the NYAG (all of these businesses are based in NYC) and get in touch with your credit card companies ASAP.

Posted by kbmorrow on 03/14/2008
Also, you can file complaints with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is a partnership between the FBI and other law enforcement/internet crime/consumer protection agencies. http://www.ic3.gov/

Posted by lisa on 03/21/2008
We ordered furniture from Everyday Furnishings as well in Feb. 08. To date we haven't heard a thing from them. Much to our disappointment we see all these complaints against this company. Can someone please give all the contact info. for the NYC BBB, Attorney General's office, Internet Crime omplaint Center, Consumer Protection Agency, Sun Delivery, etc. It seems that are are MANY of us that have been scammed. So if you all can share your info, that will help the rest of us get started inorder to fight back. Does anyone know of a class action suit in the works? Keep the comments coming. They sure do help! Thanks and good luck to all of you...Sincerely, Scammed in Arizona.

Posted by emmie on 03/23/2008
I am reporting "oneclickfurniture.com" also known as "everydayfurnishings.com" to every business bureau I can think of, and contacting Chris Hansen, of Dateline NBC, concerning their deceptive and fraudulent online business practices. I wish I had done a Google search on this company and had read the numerous complaints...I definitely would NOT have placed an order. Unfortunately, in November, I placed an order for a table. I expected the table to be delivered within 6-8 weeks, as advertised on the "http://www.oneclickfurniture.com" website. By the end of February, the table still had not been delivered. During the months of December, January, and February, I called their Customer Service department each week, to find out when to expect the delivery of the table. Every week, the Customer Service Reps., Al and Suzie, would tell me the same story: "the table has been released from the warehouse. The freight company will be contacting you to schedule a delivery." The freight company never called. In February, I received an email offering me a credit of $60.00, if I agreed to receive the delivery of the table in March. I did not agree to the credit. Instead, I immediately called their Customer Support and asked Suzie for the name and phone number of the freight company, so that I could contact them directly. Suzie said she'd have Al call me back, and then proceeded to hang up on me. I called back and asked to speak with the Vice President or President of the company, and again they hung up the phone. Since I had Suzie's email address, swalker@everydayfurnishings.com, I immediately sent her an email cancelling my order. I never received any confirmation of my order cancellation. No credit was applied to my credit card. So, I called Customer Service again. You guessed it, they hung up on me. I contacted Chase (my credit card company), spoke with the Dispute Department, and told them what happened. I also told them that I had documentation to back up all of the communications with the Customer Service department of "oneclickfurniture / everydayfurnishings". Chase instantly applied a credit. To save others from going through this kind of horrible treatment towards consumers, I am in the process of filing complaints against "http://www.oneclickfurniture.com" also known as "http://www.everydayfurnishings.com" in as many places as possible (online), via Better Business Bureaus, and through Consumer Alerts channels. I am also going to use my media contacts to expose them as online frauds / thieves. I'm sure Chris Hansen, of Dateline NBC, would be interested in doing a story about "online consumer predators."

Posted by lht115 on 03/26/2008
I was ripped off by this company also. I ordered a small table, two chairs and a step stool for my grand daughter. They arrived but were damaged. I informed the company. They promised to make the replacements. I received NOTHING. I have called them many times. They told me it would be delivered on a certain date. But NOTHING came. These people are horrible to work with.

Posted by mamacat58 on 04/01/2008
Please if anyone wants to start a class action suit please post a message stating so. We all need to get together before they dissapear. They do belong in jail. There has got to be alawyer out there that got scammed once and would love to help get two gutter rats. I found out I was scammed yesterday. I emailed Suzie and Al and told them I have nothing better to do with my time than pursue their demise legally. I want to see them in handcuffs doing jail time.

Posted by kcarron on 04/17/2008
Hi to all, but esp. mamacat58!

I read another review by you on another website and I want to help in anyway I can. Unfortunately, I'm not a lawyer, and I don't have a lot of time. However, I talked to someone at the FTC, and was told that the more complaints they have, the better. She told me to file complaints with the following:

National Fraud Info Center

Federal Trade Commission

Internet Crime Complaint Center: IC3

New York Attorney General:
Consumer Fraud and Protection

This seems like our best chance at starting an investigation into this company. We all need to file complaints. I actually did get my money back through my CC company, but I went through the furniture not being delivered, delays, BS, etc. first. I encourage EVERYONE who has had an unsatisfactory experience with this company, even if you got your money back or got your furniture in the long run, to file a complaints with these agencies. Somehow, we've got to put a stop to them!!!

Also, mamacat58, and others who have already posted complaints on other websites, could you please try to rally the other people who have posted on those sites to file complaints and list the info I've provided here.

If anyone know of any investigations starting, or changes in their business status, etc., please keep us up-to-date.

If we all pull together and share what we know, perhaps we can figure out a way to shut them down for good.

Thanks and goodluck,


Posted by MACKO250789 on 04/29/2008
Best Buy Decor
641 Lexington Ave suite 14
New York, NY 10022
Sales and customer service number: 866-833-3896

Best Buy Decor is an another name for the scamming "company" Everyday Furnishings, FBG, Furniture Brands Group, One Click Furniture, etc.


My story is same as most of yours, I ordered a dresser from Everyday Furnishings, got charged for it in less than 2 weeks, and I discovered with horror all complaints on different boards, but all about the same "company" running under many, many different names. I canceled my order, but Al Carter and Suzie Walker (don't we all know well these names?)are giving me all kinds of crazy excuses why they cannot return my money directly to my account. So, they are holding my money and I wrote complaints to everybody who I know about and trying to get my money back.

The Better Business Bureau knows this "company" under the name: Furniture Brands Group and additional names such as:
Everyday Furnishings
FBG Stores
They are investigating this "company" under the name Best Buy Decor and I hope it will be added soon into the column of additional names.

I know about the name Best Buy Decor because my bank statement states I was charged under it even though I placed order with Everyday Furnishings.
They are changing their names and sometimes location, but they are the same people.

Posted by luvu2 on 05/11/2008
Scammed here too. I bought a piece of
furniture Nov. '07 for $1600, credit card charged immediately, haven't received yet. They tell me it's on it's way, but I've been hearing that since January. I alerted my credit card company who credited my account. SCAM ALERT!

Posted by travelingdave on 05/19/2008
Update on the Fradulent www.everydayfurnishings.com site. They are still out there taking customers money and have no ability to actually ship product to the victims of their scam. They have apparently been cut off by their suppliers. They know they can't ship product yet they still continue to take money and defraud consumers. They should be in jail. In order to further their scam they have incorporated a new company called www.shopsmartfurniture.com . This was just incorporated 5 weeks ago by the same people that own everydayfurnishings.com. By tracking their ip addresses, I learned that all of their websites are hosted in Qatar in the Middle East. Another slick move to try and avoid detection. They are also operating under the name www.bestbuydecor.com and many others. Don't be scammed by these people. If the deal seems too good to be true - "It Probably Is".
Please file your complaint with the NY Attorney General's office. At some point they will have to take action

Posted by utarguy on 05/20/2008
My wife and I purchased a substantial order from this company. We were given 4 delivery dates, hung up on by Suzie Walker, customer service, and were finally told our money could not be reimbursed because their machine for returning money would not work

Posted by zionEby on 05/22/2008
I was also scammed by everyday furnishings. Bought a dining set I'd been looking at and saving for for a year--they bumped the delivery date three times, but wasted no time charging my credit card. I attempted to get manufacturer information--took on a more aggressive tone. Couldn't track down the information, so called back (several times) to cancel my order, and was either routed to machines or hung up on. I will be reporting to BBB, and will order my table from another, hopefully more reputable, company.

Posted by zionEby on 05/22/2008
Oh, yes--please keep me informed of a class action lawsuit, if that should happen. I want to see justice served to these guys.

Posted by zionEby on 05/22/2008
for tom.automan--how did you contact John Decker, of Lifestyle California? I would like to give it a shot, too.

Posted by carricab on 05/28/2008
We too were taken for over $2000. Same story, ordered a dining set in March with oneclickfurniture, promised throughout April that it would ship soon, given a date of 5/9. When called Suzie shortly after the 9th, she stated it had shipped and the delivery company would contact us directly. The next week, she sent an email after several other calls made by myself and my husband, stating it would ship out 5/23. Still nothing. Called and again spoke to Suzie yesterday who said she would get back to us later in the day with the tracking information. My husband told her he would hold while she called them and she gave him the runaround about somebody being out to lunch, blah blah blah. He then aked for the delivery company name, phone number and contact person name and she pretty much hung up on him. When we tried to call again, our calls will not go through

Posted by ccamp3 on 07/14/2008
The professionalism of this company does not meet the public standards. I made a telephone purchase on April 14, 2008 and have had several dates promised dates. I have yet to receive the product and was told there would be no more delays when I asked for a refund. I called today to check status of my purchase just to be informed it would ship out on 7-18-08. I will be looking into who I can contact in New York to report this company and receive a resolution.

Who do I contact in New York to report fraudalent business

Posted by t_rc on 07/25/2008
I'm the latest victim of these scumbags. I am FURIOUS and cannot believe they have scammed so many people with impunity. They must have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars!

I am willing to collect the victim's information (that is, all of us) and move forward with a suit and/or a criminal report... anything! A letter to the Attorney General with all our signatures, for instance. I think that, as a group, we may be able to do more than as individuals.

To begin, I'll need each person's name, date of original transaction, and amount paid. I'll put it all in a spreadsheet. I'm working with my local police and will consult with an attorney as well.

My e-mail address is t_rc@hotmail.com. PLEASE, LET'S STOP THESE CROOKS!!!

Posted by MACKO250789 on 07/28/2008
Please be aware of the Internet site:


Everyday Furniture.com is closed for new orders and I have a reason to believe that they are operating under the new name ShopSmartFurniture.com

Posted by pmiaml on 08/04/2008
Hi, i too was scammed. I ordered my son who is 7 years old a bedroom suite on May 22, 2008 for a total price of 2030.00 and never received not one peice of furniture. i was told it was shipping July 18, 2008 and never heard from the delivery service. My son now has no furniture and is sleeping on the floor. They got me for 1420.00. I have been trying to contact the 866 number and can't reach anyone. I will now go on to file a complaint with my bank as well. Count me in!!!

Posted by kdumas on 09/17/2008
another victim...my story is the same as everyone else's...

Posted by kdumas on 09/17/2008
Several of the websites listed above are no longer accepting new orders, but ShopSmartFurniture.com is still operating. I have placed a complaint with the NY Better Business Bureau including the following websites, phone numers, and email accounts:


Posted by glover0505 on 11/03/2008
I have also been scammed by this company. I ordered a dresser from them in November 2007. They charged my credit card immediately, then told me furniture was discontinued. I've been fighting with them for almost a year now and was just informed by my credit card company that they could not get the money back. I also got the bit about their credit card machine was not working to refund my money. They told me to go thru the credit card company and I would definitely be reimbursed. HaHa!!!! I guess I'm one of the lucky ones who only lost $850, but that's still a lot of money to lose. Count me in on any legal suits.

Posted by sightgag7 on 11/04/2008
I too was taken by these theives.My problem was with GE Money Bank. They are the bank that offer credit to buy from this scam. A friend suggested I get in touch with my congressman.As a last resort,over $6000 and my credit rating on the line, I call my state Rep.They were more then happy to get involved.Working with government agencys that oversee the credit companies they had my problem taken care of in a matter of months.Try calling yours.Good luck. Chris Smith of N.J. and his staff renewed my faith in my elected officials

Posted by TeresaFWIN on 11/05/2008
I, too, was scammed just like everyone else -- my story is the same, so I'm not going to bother with a recount.

Here's the important thing -- by myself, the dollars involved are not enough that it would be economically reasonable to hire a lawyer or to travel to New York for a small claims judgment (which I understand is practically optional to pay). But I have contacted several lawyers trying to generate interest in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. We do qualify to file such a suit, according to the rules. Taking the average amount of loss for all the complaints posted, it's approximately $1500 per claim. The BBB has 269 complaints lodged against Furniture Brands Group, of which, 189 are unresolved. This calculates to about $300,000 of our money lost to Al and Suzie (and now Kathy of shopsmartfurniture). And that is only the people who went to the trouble to file a complaint with the BBB. I would guess there are even more of us out here. Punitive damages apply if we can prove fraud -- and if you are like me, there is no doubt in your mind we could. Punitive damages are to punish and set an example for other companies, and in this world of Internet reliance, I think it would be likely awarded. Punitive damages are 4 to 10 the amount of actual damages, making this case worth ... you do the math, but minimum of 1 million dollars.

Unfortunately, class actions are a very specialized area of law and take a large initial investment by the lawyer to get off the ground (this is why most class actions are against huge corporations for tens of millions of dollars). The lawyer is paid by winning and takes 25-30% of the judgment. Sounds fair enough to me -- and I hope to generate interest by pointing out the dollars amounts in our case. No, it's not 10M, but it is a worthy paycheck. Eventually, we will get a lawyer.

Posted by brober34 on 01/02/2009
I ordered a dining set from everydayfurnishings.com in April, 2008, and like everyone else, never received it and now cannot get a hold of the company to get my money back. I filed a complaint with the BBB and tried to go through my credit card as well, but they couldn't get the money back since the 800 # no longer works... Count me in for a class action lawsuit.

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