Ever Private Card Complaint

The Ultimate Ripoff


This company is one of the low life companies that people always tell you about but but you never listen until it happens to you. Unfortunately it has happened to over 100 people at last count. The company is called [ ever private card ] and they are somehow linked to a loan company. I say that because most of the people that have been ripped off were on line trying to make a loan and did not x out the ad for this company. Their is no info on this company, they don't answer calls or e-mails so their no way of finding out what this card if for or which loan company their associated with. The sad part is that their going after people who don't have the money to loose. People who are trying to get a loan to help themselves out of a jam, and find themselves in a bigger one. It's just not right. This company should be put to sleep, permanently........... Their should be recourse for consumers to take action. I am one of those people. I am on ssd and just like everyone else I was trying to secure a loan to get ahead. I not only didn't get the loan but I lost money trying. Someone should erase this companies future and I hope that I am a part of it.If i, in any way can assist in the termination of this company please let me know.............

Thank you

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