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Essex Co Va Housing Code Office does nothing about housing code violations of re - Rental Housing

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I was renting a property in Essex Co. Va. I called the Housing Code Violation office in September and complained about the conditions of the rental property that included: No heat, mold infestation that began to grow on my clothing, leaking roof that was taped up in several places with plastic bags and grey tape, the ceilings falling, cracked window seals, water stained walls, cracked walls, mold between walls and baseboards throughout the house, kitchen and bathroom cabinets had no floor and pipes leaked and were covered with thick insulation around pipes. I informed him that I had reported this to my landlord for a long period of time and she never fixed any of these items. The inspector confirmed that the house was full of violations and mold was prevalent throughtout the residence. He wrote the landlord a letter days after he inspected the house and never informed me of the status. I called the inspector's office a week later and I asked the status of my complaint. He informed me that he sent the landlord a letter. I asked him if he sent me a copy he said he had not. I went to landlord and tenant court in Essex Co., Va and presented the judge the letter from the housing code that stated that there were violations in this house that where health hazards and did nothing. The judge told me that the letter from the housing code office could not be presented as evidence because it was here say.

I look at the shows where animal owners are disciplined for keeping dogs in habitats that are unsuitable, and immediate action is taken for the owners of animals. I can't believe that Essex County will allow property owners to rent property in that state and nothing is done. I have contacted several offices in Essex County; the Mayor, Councilmember; County Administrative Office and no one will give me any information about who I can speak to regarding this inhumane issue. I find that in this little county operates on the buddy buddy system, everybody knows everybody and if you are not in the County click, you will be treated like a dog.

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