"ERC" Complaint

Are you Victoria Anderson? - purports to be a credit agency

- Pinellas County

For past two weeks I have been called almost every day (8-10 times) by different reps. from "ERC" asking if I was "Virginia Anderson" (first few calls), then "Victoria Anderson" (next tries). NOTE***I am listed in the phonebook as V. Anderson. When messages were left by them, it said I must call 1-800-390-7644. I have not done this.

Their line is: V____ Anderson owes a bill and 'they are trying to contact her to collect it; they were given this phone number' [NOTE: I've had this same number for 30 years!.] Does a Virginia/Victoria Anderson live there? The salespeople have foreign accents and are quite aggressive. Some have hung up on me rudely as I tried to explain..

These calls are worrisome. Will they affect my credit rating? Each call, I have patiently explained that I am not Victoria/Virginia and do not know this person. I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling me.

Today I received another call while my friend was there.I am 94 and live in a retirement home. My friend explained to them that this is harassment and they, by law, must stop bothering me. The girl insisted that we must call this # to get the people to stop calling. My friend advised me NOT to call the number since it is not me; they seem to be guessing at my name.

Is this a phone scam against older people? What can I do to make them stop calling me?
[My friend is writing this to you from her computer}
Thank you

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Reader Comments:

Posted by stillremainsane on 11/10/2008
Beware any calls in which strangers ask you to call them back because some 1800 or 1900 numbers can charge your phone bill up by as much a $10.00-20.00 dollars a minute. And this occurs mostly from foreign countries (Nigeria). Just be cautious, the risks usually outweigh the benefits

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