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My story begins with my filling of a claim for unemployment benefits . I had an open claim already so I reopened it online,a few days later I received my forms and sent them in , when I received my first check they notified me my claim was now over and I would have to file for a new claim . By now (with the lag time of the mail ) a week had passed and by filing online again would have made me loose a weeks pay ,so I opted to call so I could talk to someone and explain that I would like them to retro for that week lag .For the next week I call E.D.D. approx 200 times ( that God I was not using my cell phone) Finally I got through and talked to a woman whom at the time seemed to understand my needs and told me that she would send out two claim forms one for the reto week plus another week and told me to send it in when I got it , and another set of forms for the (now ) current weeks .. I was feeling like I finally hit the lotto =smiles= ( seriously ). That feeling evaporated with the mail about 5 days later , the claim forms that should have had a total of 4 weeks only had 3 ,not sure how some thing so simple could have become so messed up??? So here it is four weeks into this problem and now I am back on the phone, another three days and countless calls to a number that is not remotely accessible. after 50 tries I got through twice each time I was told( by a recorded message ) that the wait time would be 7 minutes ( again lotto fever ) both times after 4-5 minutes I was disconnected . So what are you thinking this has got to be a joke? Trust me anything but....

Some how I guess I got lucky rather soon into the next days calling trying once again to find help in sorting this out. by now the send in date has passed on my first claim form.So here I am on the phone again and after half a days dialing I get the good but unrelyable message I ll only have a 7 minute wait ,not being all that enthusiastic I hear the voice of a man asking me what he could help me with , with hope in my grasp I gave him my S.S. number and asked him to pull up my screen so he could follow my explaination he proceeded to tell me he could not help me and had to transfer me , ( in thirty two years of off and on filing for unempolyment) I have never had to be transfered, I told him he was going to disconnect me , OH no its inner office that won't happen ... You guessed it dial tone. We are not done here ( still have the same issue as when I started ..) I am now dumb founded and frankly very pissed off..

So now I decide to make copies of the two claim forms I have and send them in and fight this in the mean time ( my bills couldn't wait any longer) as I am having lunch with my daughter my cell phone rings , understandable I don't answer it , after eating I listen to the message and it is a guy from unemployment stating that we had a phone interview as to why I waited so long to send in my claim form , but being as I didn't answer (and missed ) the interview (which at the time had no idea about)they were going to deny my claim. I thought to myself what are you talking about ( no new number to call nothing, just basically we gave you your one and only opportunity) O by the way this is Saturday 10 am ,later that day I pick up my mail and there it is a letter from the employment office telling me of this interview , are you kidding me it states if you cant make this interview call this number to change day and or time , you guessed it the same number that I have spent hours dialing already .. Even if I got it in time and wanted to change it the chances of that are none existent. So now over 6 weeks into this and I am drowning in incompetent people running our government agencies,a system that is as far as I am concerned BROKEN ( I am sure I am not the only one) I have even wrote to the governors office asking for help. Tried to find a walk in office ( like in the old days) they are non existent they do have a job search office which I talked to a woman whom said she has had many people come to her venting about the system being Broken and she even told me that the upper dept heads came through asking for feedback and she told them that something has to be done about the problems with the system and she quoted them as saying "ITS NOT BROKE" bet they have never filed a claim!!!!

Please not just for me but the (I am sure thousands ) of others going through this HELP I would love to hear from you and would humbly accept any help offered ...by the way I am keeping a log of times and dates of attemped phone calls up to 25 today prior to this 1 1/2 hour ( time it took me) letter .. Thank you for your site Robert Hansen

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Reader Comments:

Posted by ajoy on 02/18/2009
I am sendig a similar complaint. I am also sending your post. I think someone should be held accountable. If they're not going to give us our money, they need to say so, so we can take other action, and not waste so much time chasing them, when they know that there is no way we can catch them.


Posted by ace on 03/24/2009
A friend of mine AND myself have gone through this load of bull too many times to account for. This ridiculous racket that they have going needs to be addressed. I had the same problem of filing a perfectly normal claim with no history of unemployment. Amazingly they said that they would have to have me call in. Not surprisingly I could not get through over weeks of calling. Even when I would get past the "We are recieving more calls than we can handle" message, I would go through a series of menus only to be met with the same exact message and get hung up on. This is outrageous and we should not have to put money into a program that does not work. It's not retroactive either. I'm done and I say we should not have to put money into a program that doesn't work when we need it most.

Posted by anikavoin on 05/07/2009
Send your compalint in mass to CA Sen. Dean Florez, D-Shafter who will co-chair two hearings to examine how EDD has performed as state unemployment reaches 11 percent. DO IT NOW!!!
His Capitol office contact:
Phone: (916) 651-4016
Fax: (916) 327-5989
State Capitol, Room 313
Sacramento, CA 95814
Or by Webmail at:

Posted by justbkim on 08/11/2009
I have similar story regarding EDD. My son has been out of work since January of 2009. He can never get through to anyone, he calls hundreds of times a day, emails etc and nothing. A phone interview was scheduled and of course they cut you off of funds until you have it. It has been one month and nothing since the interview, no letter, no checks. He can't get through to anyone to find out why or what he should do. He has not received any money for about 2 month's and is of course destitute at this point. They owe him back pay for the time previous to the interview but who does he address that with? It's absolutely ridiculous. Who can you complain to? He got a job this week finally but is behind on all of his bills and the unemmployment benefits that he is rightfully entitled to is unaccessable and no one is held responsible.

Posted by subscriptions on 08/20/2009
I am going through the EXACT thing with EDD. They delayed my claim 1 1/2 months but when I finally received my checks, the check's claim date start from the beginning. So I would immediately send in the claim. They were 1 1/2 behind in payments because of their slow process. I received a letter a month ago stating they want to interview me, put my checks on hold, why? Because the claim dates are 1 1/2 months behind THEIR ERROR!! This is making me homeless and has put a strain on my bills where I've had to max out everything to pay them. I cannot believe EDD has no oversight committee and there is no way to ensure they process things correctly. Anyone have any suggestions what we could do?

Posted by islandgurljess on 10/06/2009
OMG...I thought I was the only one going through this or maybe it was just terrible bad luck. I am so pissed of and dissapointed with this state and government. They sure are quick to take the money from YOU, but then when you need it...they make you jump thru fire hoops and then still have the nerve to tell you you're not entitled to YOUR money. I think there is pretty much nothing we can do...this is a joke!

Posted by jsnanthony88 on 10/13/2009
It makes it a bit easier to know that 100s are out there going through the same issues. My roommate has been dealing with EDDs incompetency for months. If you get to talk to them they transfer you all around and, yes, then disconnect you. My roommate just received notice that he has another telephone interview about a month from now to determine if he is eligible for extended benefits due to the fact that he submitted a benefits weeks form 4 days late. Now, that form was for benefits paid in June. EDD has not sent any current forms even though he received a letter from EDD saying that he had been approved for extended benefits. It would be nice if everyone who has written on this site writes to their state representatives telling their horror stories. My roommate is doing this.
Good luck to everyone who has to deal with EDD.

Posted by rtange24 on 10/15/2009
This is ridiculous and something needs to be done. The big question I have is if NO ONE can get through to the EDD on the phone, JUST WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE TALKING TO???!!! I live with my boyfriend who has been unemployed for two months now and is going through all this crap with the EDD - as well as I am with him. I am the one trying to get through to the EDD from my work phone everyday because, guess what, he hasn't gotten any unemployment income for 2 months and can't afford a cell phone!!! How do they even expect people to continue to pay their phone bills when they can't even get their unemployment. It started with a phone interview being scheduled A MONTH after he lost his job. During the interview, the representative told him they would call him back later that day and I'm sure you can all guess how that turned out - dead silence from then on. No letters in the mail, no checks - BUT WAIT! He did get one piece of correspondence from the EDD - confirmation that he set up a pin to access his records! RIDICULOUS! Who cares about that! And, to make it worse, the correspondence came in the form of what looked like a check from the outside - talk about playing with people's emotions. Of course, I go through the same thing every day trying to get through to someone over the phone.

Something needs to be done immediately about this!! Why don't they help the unemployment rate out by hiring some unemployed people to help answer their freaking phones!!! If they don't, they're soon going to have an even bigger issue to deal with - where to put all the homeless people they created.

Posted by jmiltztrey on 10/20/2009
There was a mistake (their mistake if you ask me) on one of my claim forms. As a result I am 5 weeks out without a payment. my Cobra insurance has lapsed as I can't pay for it. The phone interview was scheduled 6 weeks in the future (oct31st). I finally did get the phone interview re-scheduled to an elier date 10/20, then of course they never called. I've already vomplained to the office of constituent afairs, Arnold's office. They blew me off as well.

Posted by marla_olguin on 11/04/2009
I’m appalled and disgusted with the way I've been treated by EDD Customer Service. My problem began late August after I made a human error by mailing the claim form one week late or as standard routine. Soon after I realized three weeks had passed and no check I immediately called EDD to ask "where's my check?" I was informed my benefits were stopped and a phone interview was scheduled for 10/19/2009, nearly seven weeks out. The next question is "how will I survive? This being said, I decided to send an email to see if it might expedite the process and not to my surprise I had to wait my turn.
On Oct 19, 2009 the interviewer phoned. What I thought would be a simple fix turned into a nightmare! The interview was at best two minutes and I was informed I’d be notified within 5-7 business days once the dept makes a decision. As of today, I’m out almost three weeks from the original date of interview, and no written decision. In the interim I sent four emails and have yet to receive one email back. After numerous attempts of phoning 1800 300-5626 from home and not being able to get through I finally did yesterday at 4:55pm Nov 3, the representative sounded like he wanted to help, but once the clock reached 5:00pm he was unable to view my claim which is BS.
Finally this morning 11/4/09 I went to the EDD center and was able to talk with a represenative , she informed me the notes from my phone interview weren’t updated, so she transfer me Joanne, the interviewer. Although, I wanted to jump through the phone I kept my cool and left a message explaining the urgency, but I’ve yet to receive a call back. Beings I was already there might as well call back and ask to talk with Joanne’s supervisor. Guess what, didn’t reach her either so I’m in the same situation I was nine weeks ago when all this started.
I'm head of household and, guess what

Posted by judykay on 11/07/2009
In case someone is looking into these problems...add me to the list.

Filed an online claim in Sept. It is now Nov 7th and I have not received a check. I can not get a loan modification without resolving my unemployment award so yesterday I received the first notice of foreclosure.

The problems with EDD sending checks are not accidental. You can't claim one honest error after another as the reason why EDD can't get you a check.

After having to call EDD (see that nightmare cluster F above) three times to correct problems with the award info, request a duplicate form since mine 'somehow' got list in the mail and then finally no one called me for my interview... and now they claim I didn't fill my initial claim form out correctly. It specifically states that I did not provide the amount of money I made that week and info on who paid me. Duh, I checked 'NO' I did not work or receive money that week. The form tells you to only fill out that other info if I checked "YES"

Do you think 45 days of systematic delays for forms lost in the mail, waiting for an interview that never happens and now this, is a coincidence when it is well documented that EDD does not have the cash to meet the claim payments at this time. They're delaying and my bank is foreclosing. So much for Obama and more government to help those in need. It's just more government BS. They're no better than corporate america but at least corp america doesn't claim they're looking out for me.

Yes We Can!????

Posted by andrewsandri on 11/23/2009
I'm a federal employee (firefighter) and I have the same frustration with EDD. I can't do the online file cause I have employment in two states in the last 18 months...so I'm f# trying to call the number. And to make matters worse I don't have a land line, only a cell.
It's rediculous to devote multiple days trying to reach a state service, utterly disgraceful.
I can't even find field office addresses, I'd make the drive rather than the repeative phone calls. I'm so frustrated...my buddy, a seasoned cali red-tape vet, just told me about a shortcut...if you can get thru to the second recording (the one that makes you think that you are getting thru then rudely hangs up on you wtf) and instead of pressing 2, press 1 supposedly you get thru faster.
And if you can find a spainish /vietnamese/mandarian speaker, using those numbers is apparently quicker.
Who woulda thought that bloated liberal policies would ever have any consequences (like swamped state services)?

Posted by jrisasql on 11/23/2009
Don't worry, you are not the only one.
I have been calling EDD since this morning and nobody answers

Posted by workatit on 11/24/2009
I filed a claim for unemployment in July 2009 online. Days later I got a letter with a phone interview scheduled in September. During the phone interview I explained to the rep that I had a doctor's note from the day my employer fired me for calling in sick. She seemed as though she was on my side and acted as if the doctor's note would work to my favor. S
She asked if I could fax the note into her following the phone interview. I said most certainly. Knowing how important it is to exchange correct information (since they call from a blocked number) I carefully listened to and repeated the fax number she provided 2 times. After the phone call I immediately called my doctor to ask if they could fax a copy of the letter. My doctor's office called back shortly to inform me that the fax would not go through. When I called the number directly - I found that it was a non-working number for the State of California Offices.
Unable to get through to EDD by phone until the next week and on the same day got a letter denying my claim. When I appealed the claim in September I was told by the ALJ Office that it takes 12-16 weeks to get an appointment.. Here we are at the end of November and I have not even gotten an appointment time scheduled. I had to move out of my apartment - sell everything I own and with the grace of God move in with a friend who understood my situation.
ALJ Offices tell me that EDD denied the claim due to misconduct which was a decision made by EDD and not my former employee.
How preposterous is that?

Posted by twstrk on 11/25/2009
Sounds like almost the very same thing I'm going through with EDD. They are now 7 weeks behind with my claim forms and they keep telling me they'll send the forms in the mail. What a joke. And to think liberal leaders of this country and liberal Americans want government run health care. Don't they realize people would be dropping dead all over the country because they are waiting weeks, months, or years to get the service they need. Kind of like me and my family are dying finacially because we are waiting on a government agency to do the job we pay them to do. Smarten up people when the 2010

Posted by ronw on 12/07/2009
I don't think we can blame the Republicans or Democrats or Liberals or Conservatives. The fault is that of all politicians and lazy good for nothing fat ass state employees.

Unfortunately as long as we all sit around watching TV and do not put any effort into changing things, nothing will ever get better.

Posted by kelsey.walker on 12/10/2009
If you put at least half your energy in finding a job and not waiting for EDD to rescue you , you might not be in such a hard place. Its not the governments fault your unemployed so dont blame them. I guess just sit around and wait for government money. Everyone else does

Posted by jawag2001 on 12/12/2009
All I can say is EDD is full of shit and trying to screw all of us over. State of CA is broke and EDD is using every tactic not to pay or delay payment of benefits. Don't know who can or has the will to fix this problem in gov't. They are a bunch of lame asses!

Posted by absolute_fire_2000 on 12/15/2009
Wow, dear god, I thought I was the only one having such trouble with an E.D.D. system that seems broken and employees (if you do finally talk to one) who seem willfully dense or capricious in their decision-making process. From reading through the comments here, their phone system has been out of operation for at least the past year

Posted by mejane6 on 12/22/2009
Sounds like what I am going through. I moved, filled out the appropriate "change of address" section of the claim form and of course my check never showed up. 3 weeks after it was due, I received a "notice of telephone interview" for 2 weeks later. The interview was set for sometime between 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday. The call came in at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. The rep talked to me for all of 60 seconds, said everything was cleared up and he would send out my check. I never received the check. I called EDD, got through for once, and the rep who helped me told me the telephone interview guy never finished the paperwork. He said there was nothing I could do about it but wait for 10 more days and then try to call back again. I think a class action lawsuit needs to be filed against this agency. Seriously.

Posted by lorisflags on 01/11/2010
This is very similar to what I have experienced. I filed in early December after being laid off at the end of November. A month had passed with no word from them. Then, December 28th, I get a call stating that I missed a phone interview I never knew that I had. Apparently, this is quite common. The reason that my claim is being held is because I am a full time student (online) but a full time employee as well. The state apparetly thinks you can't do both. So, after waiting weeks I called in again, took 2 hours to get through, actually get a person on the line that says she has no access to information or status, and before I can reply she hangs up on me! The second time I get through, another hour of constant redial, the same thing! Furthermore, I have to attend a class showing proof of my documentation to work in this country, even though I was born here, and pay taxes out of every check? This sounds like a series of hoops they are making us jump through simply because the state has no money! Hours and hours to get through to a person who can't help, or hangs up on you. A ridiculous amount of hoops to jump through simply because I am a full time student regardless of the fact that I worked full time and was a student full time PRIOR to being laid off. Then, I secure part time employment as an allied health instructor, yet still have to show proof that I am employable in this country and eligible for re-employment? Shouldn't all this have been verified by my history of taxes?

The system absolutely is broken, not to mention incompetent..... Thank you for the opportunity to share my frustration and story.

Posted by flametails on 01/19/2010

Posted by lghgirl20 on 01/20/2010
EDD Call Center is not giving out any information on our existing claims upon call-ins. When and if you do get through to a phone representative, all they are doing is taking down your information to have someone call you back in 5-10 business days right now. There are way too many calls coming in for them to handle. There is nothing they can do. Good word of advice: BE SURE TO SEND IN YOUR CLAIM FORM ON TIME OR ELSE THEY WILL STOP YOUR CHECKS AND YOU WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR ANOTHER INTERVIEW!) It takes about a month after the interview to receive your back pay. Good luck to you all! EDD Calling Center is the worst! With all the people out of work right now I can't understand why there aren't more reps picking up the phones. Seriously...is the state purposely withholding our money??? Do they even have the money to give us? It makes you wonder. All I know is that they are holding MY MONEY! I paid into my unemployment! I should receive it when I ask for it!

Posted by gregcrosthwaite on 02/24/2010
2/24/10 the system is overwhelmed. I say we all file a class action lawsuit and overwhelm their system. cal has been under a liberal governance for far to long,eventhough arnold is a republican. maria cut off his sack

Posted by vhelenbruce on 03/12/2010
Until 2/13 check issued on 2/20, I also did not have a problem. EDD does not allow phone messages nor do they respond to e mails. I am the sole support of 2 kids, disabled Dad and I cannot even get through to find out what happened. My claim ends 6/1. First claim in many years.

Posted by ptjoshua on 04/13/2010
I have posted the below instructions multiple times and places around the internet in an effort to help others dealing with this rediculously broken system we have. If you are trying to get through to the EDD and new to this process, please read the below. Any of you already in the process should be familiar with the below information. Good luck all.

Join the club friend. First time in my life filing for unemployment last year as well, and it has been nothing short of a nightmare. Impossible to get through via phone, been hung up on twice by rude and /or lazy employees, had my claim forms returned/delayed for ridiculous made up reasons. It's nothing short of a crime.

But, I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a conspiracy as many suggest. It is merely a bloated ineffective government. I actually did receive checks due to me over a year late, so to date I'm squared up. I know this may be rare, but it did take me over a year of pushing and calling on the phone with them, a minimum of 10 hours a week every week for a year.

My advice to you is to not give up, even if you are now employed. I believe you are still entitled to those benefits if you ever were. So keep calling. I'm going to post the number here along with the key prompts for the other frustrated souls. Follow these instructions and you will ........eventually......get through to a person. Follow the below instructions exactly.

Call the EDD @ 1-800-300-5616

If the message says "Thank you for Calling the ...." hang up and dial again.

If the message says "Welcome to the ...." hit 1,3,0

If the next message says "Due to the high number of callers..." hang up and call again.

But you might...just might get "Your estimated wait time is....4 min"(its always been 4 minutes, even if I've waited 30 seconds or 15 min from this point)

If you did get a "estimated wait time", congratulations...but you might still be disconnected or hung up on by a rude employee, as I was many times.

Another notable item, if you get a person who advises you that they do not have access to your account, they are just going to take down your information and you may or may not ever hear anything from that. I recommend continuing the above instructions until you get an ACTUAL AGENT on the line. I found that the agents themselves are very helpful, although overwhelmed. Don't take it out on them, they are just workers in this broken system too.

If you really want to evoke change in the CA EDD you'll have to go about it politically, write your congressmen, and other elected officials, which probably wont do anything either. So once you get over your self-righteousness, go back to the above instructions, make the calls, eventually get your checks, and find a job if you are able.

I think the system is deliberately made to be God-awful to keep people from using it. Working as intended if you ask me.

In short, follow the steps, call hundreds(YES HUNDREDS) of times a day, eventually get a person that is helpful. AND KEEP YOUR COOL. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Posted by Adrn77779 on 04/16/2010
i also applied for unemployment in January 2010.I applied one time manny years ago. This program is totally ineffective and needs to be dismanteled. I recieved my sick pay and vacation pay so i did not recieve any check until 2-16-2010. I told them i would get my profit sharing money and recieved it on 2-16-2010.Then i was was told claims was put on hold and its pending a decision. After numerious e mails and trying get a hold of them on the telephone is a nightmare. I not sure when i will start getting my money. They have not told me how long I have to wait.I did get a call from them on 3-10-2010. i thought i would start recieving benfiets but no chance. I heard some horr stories about EDD but never thought it would happen to me.I know someone else that has had the same problem.Someone that has some polilitical power needs change this situation. Next month my cash runs out i have beg for money on the conner thanks for your time Adrian

Posted by beautiful_mess87 on 04/21/2010
I missed my phone interview today because I was at school taking my econ test...called 48 mins after the guy called. got through the line and the reps transferred me to the guy that called me. He said that it was a one time call and I can't reschedule it. And that guy was REALLY RUDE to me. he told me that he don't know what will happen next because I made a mistake on my claim form. He said that I checked "YES" on the questions that asked if i was ill and not willing to work...i told him that i don't remember checking yes and maybe it might have been a mistake. but i looked for jobs those two weeks....i think that guy will disqualified me...cuz i missed the phone interview and he said that he called and i wasn't home so i can't reschedule. my phone interview was scheduled from 10am-12pm and he called at 9:30am (he says it was an early call) and 10:12am...i'm so pissed!! he ruin my whole day. why can't i reschedule it when other people say they could reschedule it online??!!!

Posted by beautiful_mess87 on 04/21/2010
fix my error...when people online says that they can reschedule their phone interview!!

Posted by maihanh15 on 04/27/2010
I've been trying to reach them for a week now. This is why government workers have the bad reputation of being called "LAZY". Why are they not held accountable? It's ridiculous!

Posted by mapierce on 06/13/2011
Form my experience, I suspect that these upper management guys were telling the truth "the system is not broke" - it is operating just as they intend it to. Consider the extremes that the EDD will go to in order to discourage or disqualify people from collecting benefits. If an employer engaged in such practices, the EDD would accuse them of "constructive firing".

The methods and tactics of the EDD are so consistent and so widespread, they are obviously following an officially established policy. There is simply no other explanation for it.

The motive could possibly have something to with revenue. Although the "statistics" they publish are questionable and incomplete (no records of how many claims they have denied, or disqualified, etc) they appear to be paying out about twice as much as they are bringing in.
- the fact that this has not been an issue again suggests that the system is operating just as intended.

It seems to me that none of the socialist programs such as the EDD serve their stated purposes. For example, the EDD seems to serve the following purposes:
1) To provide workers with a false sense of security. The promise of a “safety net” serves to appease the growing number of people who must live from paycheck to paycheck.

2) Despite all the obstacles to prevent you from receiving these benefits, they never fail to inform the public that benefits have been extended when the economy takes another dive. Again this reassures the people that they have a "safety net".

3) To provide the general population with (false) confidence in the economy. (by artificially reducing the number of UI claims)

Also note that in recent years, several changes have been made to their methods for determining the level of unemployment. These new methods provide a far more optimistic outlook of the economy..

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