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DUE TO INJURY..NEED HELP TO SAVE MY HOME! - Modification of Interest on Loan To make it Affordable

- Easton Pennsylvania

NEED HELP TO SAVE MY HOME After being Injured at work in 2009 I was told I couldn't work by my Doctor. I was paid 4wks of Workmans Comp, and then I was denied and have to repay the Postal Service that money..still fighting that. Was unable to work so I had no income. 6 MONTHS later I was released for light duty. I was only given 12 hours of work for $292. Had no other work for me. I collected unemployment from Jan-May 12th when I had my Decompression of my Brain and skull. I had a portion of my skull removed and a Piece of mesh put in and part of my C-1 and C-2 vertabre removed. I was diagnosed with Chiari 1 malformation..long story in itself. So Having no income and only getting $200 a month in food stamps I was told I didn't qualify for cash assistance. In 2009 I took a hardship on my 401k to get by. In July 2010 I contacted MGC To help me save my house by lowering my Interest and Payments. They Have turned me down 2X's. After going through this process Iam at the last of my rope. My Payments have now gone from $ $1545+w/my taxes, homeowners, and 10months of behind payments due to them screwing around with me. I will lose my home if I don't get help from someone. I have been here since May of 2004. Hsbc who had my loan up until Jan.2010 when I was working with Naca the home save program TOLD me in Oct 2009 they wouldn't do anything because they were selling my loan off. Don't know where to go for help. I had a Medical Hardship and they MGC turned me down twice with all of my papers and Documentation. I NEED HELP!!I AM A SINGLE Mom with a son that lives at home and goes to the local Community College. I am still under the Neurosurgens care and still working Light Duty. Don't see that changing anytime soon..I WANT TO SAVE MY HOME!!

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