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Dry Tech Scam - Lead finder program

- 22212 Camay Ct. Calabasas, CA 91302

I received an offer in the mail to earn some extra money with Dry Tech services as a "lead finder". I usually trash these kinds of ads even before opening the envelope but since I had heard of Dry Tech before, I read the offer and it sounded like a fair deal. There were many testimonials written in the flier about how profitable others have been as lead finders and how risk free it would be just to try it. The information stated many promises of commissions awarded for each prospect that would reply to the fliers that I was to put out with my own given Dry Tech code number. The flier suggests starting a business in carpet cleaning through Dry Tech. My only job as a lead finder was to distribute the information to the public. The agreement in the information I received stated that I could try this lead finder program for 30 days. They make it look like a no fault, no risk wonder.

I would be sure to recruit prospects easily as long as I followed their directions. They stated that each time someone agreed to start a business and would call the company with MY lead finder number (which is on every flier that I put out) I would collect $1200.00 each time. They made it sound like a sure deal and that even one prospect would profit me greatly and that one person was no problem to recruit. Dry Tech stated that they were so sure that I would recruit at least one prospect and that if I didn't by the end of 30 days I could cancel the program, and my credit card would not be charged for the program with no questions asked. After I received the actual lead finder "kit" in the mail, I found out that I would have to invest my own money in getting fliers made which was not mentioned in the initial sales pitch.

They sent ONE flier in the lead finder kit and I was to copy my own fliers off of that one. I had to pay out of my own pocket for the fliers. Also, in the initial sales pitch they stated that all the marketing materials/fliers would be supplied by Dry Tech. I called and talked to a lady about that and asked her why I only had one flier in my kit. She told me that I would have to have those made myself. I mentioned to her that it wasn't stated in the initial letter. She was silent on the matter. So, I just went on with it and had the fliers made anyway because I thought if I did get even one person to respond, the commission would well take care of any fliers I had made.

So I went ahead and had a stack of fliers done and distributed them as suggested by Dry Tech. Weeks went by and I received nothing in the mail. As they had promised that if a prospect was recruited the $1200.00 check or checks would be sent in the mail. So it was just days before my 30 day trial would be over and I called a woman who's name was Rose Mary and asked her to cancel me from the program. She said o.k. but you have to send the kit back. The kit is just a thin binder that contains information about how to advertise and be a lead finder.

Remember they did NOT supply all the materials as they had promised in the beginning. So I told her that neither was it stated in the initial ad anywhere that I would have to pay to send the kit back if it didn't work and that I wasn't going to spend another cent on this program. She said that she would talk to her supervisor and that he would call me back. I firmly stated that I would stop payment if they were to charge my credit card because they promised they would not if I had not recruited anyone to the carpet cleaning program. Well her supervisor never called me back and my credit card was charged anyway. Even though I clearly requested cancellation and even though I said I would not authorize my credit card to be charged, they charged it anyway.

Only if I had decided to go on with the program after the 30 days, my card was only to be charged a $47.00 fee per the initial ad. But not only did they disregard my request to cancel the program, they charged me close to 4 times the amount that was supposed to be charged even IF I had agreed to keep on with the program. They charged my card $179.00 unauthorized! I was not to be charged anything because I had cancelled before my 30 days was up.

I have come to the conclusion that Dry Tech preys on people who need extra money to make ends meet. They get free labor by getting the "lead finders" to do all of the footwork for them. Then they even make more money by persuading the lead finders to BUY promotional materials from them! They DO NOT supply all the materials as they state in the beginning. I am ashamed to say that I have earned the sucker trophy. That's how convincing these sharks are. Buyer beware!

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Reader Comments:

Posted by redmoonholly on 03/29/2008
Thank you for your testimonial- I just received this offer in the mail and was trying to confirm the legitimacy of this offer because a red flag went up with the check to be sent in ( in my case it was $149.00) - you solved my dilemma immediately- do not feel ashamed or stupid by having been scammed- you have probably saved inumerable others from this terrible trap by relating this story. Kudos to you!!!!!

Posted by 3stars on 05/21/2008
The fee for the kit is $149.00 plus $15.00 S

Posted by desertguy33 on 05/30/2008
Thanks for your testimonial....I received this offer in the mail the other day, and thought I'd look them up under the BBB. They're not a BBB member and the name(s) given are Eric Levine, Zira Levine, etc. This is a con because this guy has tried other businesses and they were all unethical and a scam. Thanks for you public service in giving us your story!

Posted by christina on 07/23/2008
There seems to be confusion when people are reading the materials. I have worked here for a year and it's always the same miss-understandings.

First off all of the advertising material is included in the package. There’s a disc with copies of ads. There are also hard copies of the ads as well. You are not obligated nor need to buy anything else from us to be successful.

It’s all about how you advertise. There are plenty of ways to advertise for free if you re-search. People are always expecting get rich with no work. That’s not how it works. Any job you have you have to work at to be successful, it takes time.

I know people get frustrated because they don’t get checks in the first 30 days.

Secondly the ads do say don’t pay anything if you don’t make $1200.00. That is true but that’s not the end of the ad. Right after it continues to say that you need to return the lead finder package before the 30 days not to be charged. It also reads that after you’re charged you have to have the package back within 90 days to be eligible for a refund.

Thirdly the $1200.00 commission checks are for sales not leads. The sales count as people who sign up for the affiliate carpet cleaning business. The checks are sent 30 days after the affiliate has had the carpet machines for 30 days.

Commission checks do go out and people do get paid. We have customers who have received numerous checks from us. Since they signed up for Gold their checks are $1800.00.

We are on the BBB. The BBB website has problems and no one can see our rating. I’m in charge of answering the BBB complaints. The BBB has made so many mistakes since I’ve been working here. They had addresses on the website with our business name but not our address. They are always putting complaints from other companies called Dry Tech. There is more than one Dry Tech out there.

I know that everyone thinks that the BBB is the key to find good businesses but its not. They make so many mistakes its frustrating for me having to deal with them.

I wouldn’t take the time to write this if I didn’t care. I’m always here at work making suggestions on how to make things run smoothly.

Posted by smooth20cool on 09/10/2008
Well yeah they almost got me too....but I gave them a prepaid credit card with no money on it and they took it, they sent me alot of junk, that binder and they even gave me plenty advirtisements, it was a lot of junk....they lost money sending me stuff....but I hope somebody stop them some how.....cause they taking people hard earned money

Posted by navyseals143 on 10/30/2008
Looks to me like somebody did'nt work hard enough on finding leads there friend. Anyone with common since knows its going to take more than 30 days to recruit anyone. You have to get out and talk to people and friends. And yes heaven forbid put alittle money into it. Dont give up on dry tech everyone, they have taken care of my family very well and i dont have to work for anyone anymore. Just keep at it and be persistent.

Posted by rr2487 on 11/12/2008
Actually I am amazed how this works for me. All i have to do is to find good leads and commissions are rolling in. I also did fail in the past for companies who were scam. But this one is working for me and I am very pleased.
fron a satisfied Lead Finder

Posted by debrafrench28 on 06/24/2009
I can't believe how people always want to complain about something they really don't put forth the effort in actually following through with it.
READ THE DIRECTIONS.THEY HAVE PHONE # TO CALL FOR SUPPORT. I'll bet you all didn't even try to call them for help if you where having trouble.
I have been a lead finder for 2 weeks and already have 3 recruits. And I have faith that this is FOR REAL! You people that complain ALL THE TIME about getting scammed are THE ONES who expect to get paid to do nothing. If your not willing to work and do what you need to do to make it work,
Then it's not going to work for you !
Stop complaining and hurting the one's that do SUCCEED at this DRY TECH SYSTEMS.
Debi, KY

Posted by nell.tays on 07/12/2009
Thanks for the warning, I had serously thought about doing the same thing that yodid, but something said to me this sounds too good to be true. Thanks again, nell

Posted by frmeredith on 07/16/2009
Thank you for this piece...Very insightful

Posted by mrspyt on 08/28/2009
Thank you so much for then information. I just got a flyer from they creeps today.

Posted by tfad4528 on 09/12/2009
Hey everyone i just received this letter today about the drytech opp. with eric levine and i am v ery glad i checked it out and googled him and i wanted to tell everyone here who gets one of these letters it does sound like a scam i went to the bbb website put in the zip code opn the letter choose the drytech address on the letter on quartz ave in cali.and sure enough on the main page a big fat F and i rewad the complaints about people not getting there money back and people not getting paid,i am so glad i did not send them any $,if you decide to ignore this be careful it sounds like a scam

Posted by cozzymihelis on 01/04/2010
They are professional thieves , professional sharks !!!! I advertised this company {Dry-Tech Systems}in 1000 different newspapers in 20,000,000.00 different homes a day , being seen by 50,000,000.00 people a day in 49 different states across the USA and after seven weeks of doing this as a " GOLD LEVEL Lead Finder " the company told me that their were no sales and they have never , ever sent me a single penny when I know for a fact that they made an absolute fortune off of my intense efforts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are Professional thieves !!!!!!!!!!! In 7 weeks I threw away 13,000.00 plus dollars out of my pocket investing in this very crooked evil empire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Constantinos{COZ}Mihelis !

Posted by stringer.jeff on 01/21/2010
I purchased the Dry Tech Lead finder program. I put ads in several papers, put out fliers, the whole nine yards. Just by a quirk of fate , I had a friend who had a friend who bought one of the carpet cleaners through one of the ads I had run. He told me about it,this was around October 15, 2009. As of January 21st I have yet to be be paid.I keep getting put off, from one so called person to the next, which none of them will ever give you an answer or a call back. My worry now is if they won't pay on the one that I know I've sold, how many of them have I sold that I know nothing about. So I'm in the process of getting a lawyer and suing them in small claims court. So whatever you do, let the lesson I've learned the hard way, be a warning to you. It is a SCAM!!!!

Posted by intexas on 04/02/2010
Thanks for all your stories, you saved me!

Posted by waynetaylor1 on 04/02/2010

Posted by caroline10282 on 05/26/2010
Thank you for sharing this story with everyone. I had just received that long letter in the mail from Dry Tech Systems promising me that I could earn many $1,200 checks. I have been scammed before so now I always do a Google search for scams before I commit to anything. Thanks to your story I know not to fall for this scam as well. Once again, thank you for sharing!

Posted by yourbustedsoon on 08/05/2010
Thank you for this message. I, too, received a letter from this company. I have to agreed, the materials in the letter sounded interesting. I'm glad I took to time to research the company a bit more. It's definitely a scam. God will take care of all things. HE definitely frown on Eric Z. Levine's (Vice president) work. Eric contact information are as followings,
Eric Z. Levine
8920 Quartz Ave
Northridge, CA 91324

God is watching you, and the government will soon catch on to your evil scam. You will soon loose everything you have. Laugh now cry later.

Posted by johncatcher on 03/01/2011
Just wanted to update this site, "The Letter" just got to me. Also, look out for the Zaken Group.

Posted by possum73 on 06/22/2011
I've just finished reading the letter from Dry-Tech in Northridge, CA re: Lead Finder Program. It sounded good, and was thinking of trying it. After doing some research about this company on the internet, I've decided NOT to try this. I've seen only one comment on this post that said good things about Dry-Tech. All the others were negative. By the way, I notices a comment that had an address for Dry-Tech on 8920 Quartz Ave. in Northridge, CA. The letter I received today showed 19871 Nordhoff St. in Northridge, CA. They must be doing so well, they had to move their headquarters to a different address. Hmmmmmmmm, makes one wonder doesn't it?

Posted by tlr_green on 07/22/2011
Thanks for posting your complaint. I received a letter today in the mail and getting ripped off before I did some research first and found your statement. I have had it with struggling trying to make ends meet and was fixing to give it a try thanks mbondy your the best!!!!

Posted by blandb59 on 11/01/2011
well i talk to some one on the phone from dry-tech and when i was asking questions they got really mad and i stated that they where trying to scam the rong man they put me on hold i tryed calling back and they didnt anser the phone look out this is a SCAM no joke

Posted by blueeyes26726 on 11/06/2011
I to received this letter and was going to send them a check for this program. Then i decided to check them out to see if it was legit or a scam thats how i came across your experience with them! I want to thank you for posting about them! You just saved me $164.00 Thanks again!!


Posted by princesscathcart on 02/21/2012
You guys I should have read this first before i invested money it started out like 150, then they offered me a gold lead finder membership 778 more so tht if i get leads it will give me 2000 per commission instead of 1200, then they offered the website which is international which promises more leads nationwide with no work "earn money while you sleep" see I paid this money bc i'm a struggling single parent raising 5 little girls so i figured spend this money eventho it's like my life savings to create a better future for my kids or dont invest and live check to check, so i took the risk and read some of your complaints requested my money back, which they say is no questions asked when you do so, instead the guy tries to pressure me by affering me a lower rate, i told him that would have been sweet if they offered me that in the beginning, he goes on to tell me how im making a big mistake how his mom was a single mom too and that, my children could benefit if i did, thats how he got me the first time using my situation and my babies.. im in the process of getting a refund wish me luck you guy and please let me know of some legitimate homebased businesses out there for a single mom trying to make ends meet..please post them on this site.. God Bless..

Posted by nanyfigs on 03/10/2012
Just like Ann, I received a letter in the mail was thinking of checking them out. It really pays to do research. From now on, letter's like this will have a special place in my home...the recycling bin.

Posted by sigridmirabella on 03/12/2012
At this point I don't know what to believe. Some people are saying that this is a scam and others say that it is legitimate. I too received the offer in the mail and was tempted to reply. But, after reading all the controversial stories, I will hang on to my money for right now and look into legitimate ways to make extra money.

Posted by ldk61Kell on 03/12/2012
I received on today ( 3-12-2012 ) I'm always leary of this stuff,but sure gald I checked it out. I am planning on turning them in to the BBB. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED ONE ON THESE, I SUGGEST YOU DO TOO. THIS CRAP MUST BE STOPED!! This I s DIGUSTING

Posted by rks74 on 03/12/2012
That was great info. Everything is a scam. I have not found anything out there that's honest. The best way is come up is an idea and keep it K.I.S.S.
and work hard to make it work.

Posted by jleary6 on 04/27/2012
I just received a packet in the mail, from Dry-tech, and I thought it sounded to good to be true, so the first thing I did was to go online and research Dry-tech

Posted by gregnot7754 on 05/26/2012
Im so thankful for people like you, you save me from losing my $149 just about to toss it in the mail and decided to google it and found out it was a scam thank you a thousand times over

Posted by loisasmith on 07/11/2012
Thank you for the warninging I was going to do it. Igot it in the mail, and tried to get a # for the testimonials and none existed. I'm always checking out the search from now on. Should have done that 4 yrs. ago. If you have a legit. email me. Desperate!! Lois

Posted by chsizemore on 08/06/2012
I had ordered this package before I found this site,
I called back and canceled the order and they never asked me why I was doing it.
All the comments above are correct, it sounds like and looks like a big scam.
I was asked if I wanted to pay for a website that would generate more leads and that was when I questioned this program.
If this is so good and they have a website then why would they ask others to buy into this except to make them more money off the people who are looking for an honest way to make a loving.
I doubt that you would ever see the 1200 they offer.

Posted by vitoriaflower6 on 08/16/2012
I am very glade to read that complains about that Company.I have received a lot of letters from them.I did not answer any of those.I conclused with my self,it is some companies we applied to try some work from home,they sell our information to other ones.Last week I got a lot of calls from Phoenix AZ(480)658-2742.They ask me my 3 numbers on the back of my credit card.I asked why they need that,who are they,for what? they told me was because I asked information about work from home.I told It was not true ,because I was on trip out from the Country for all month,and I did not ask any thing,they continued to call me every 2 hours every day.So,I asked then to take of my name and information from ther list.The lady on call,told me:To do that they still need my credit card information and they will charge U$499.00 from my card.so I called to my Banks account,credit card,told they about that :I did not authorized any body to charge me any thing,if that happen I will open a claim report.So,they still call me for a a couple days.I told them I was redirect the call to the FBI.I was sick because that kind scam.we need to take ones provides immediate, about that.This is happening because the politicians are too busy with their campaigns on attacking each other.But the subject matter for which they are elected,Is to SERVING THE PEOPLE, they does not care about.So these types of germs, viruses was infiltrating in us homes,porsuing us privates lifes.They should be in prisons,since they live to deceive the people.This is unacceptable to Tallahassee, or any other organ that control entities from other states to agree on opening that type of company and do not control them.That is possible they only matter to them is the taxes they pay for their registrations?I can not to understand a developed a Country like that can acept this type of companies,which ones to me are good for nothing,they are misery Scams, social parasites, who do not want to work and live to cheat and steal other people's money. who was work so hard to gain.If anyone knows of a way of denouncing them, please tell me, because I am tired of this loads and more loads of junk mail on my door every day.It need to stop!I have wondering how much money they are taken from the elderly, with the promise of making them earn a lot of money without leaving home . I live in a community of o 55 over, and all neighborhood complaining about that.If any body have any idea as to end this kind abuse, please do not hesitate away from writing thank you for here.and everyone complains about the same thing.I am leave you guys,thinking about that.If you have any idea to end this kind abuse, please do not shy away from writing here.and thanks for reading until the end.I leave here my cry of hope and my concerns...?????

Posted by capoeirista2 on 12/22/2014
dry-tech is a scam . i used to work there and i could continue working there due to the fact that i have a problem with ripping people off. DO NOT INVEST IN DRY-TECH. it's the simplest scam but it keeps Eric Levine in business. they will promise you checks and you will just see your own money dwindling.

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