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- Fairborn, Ohio

The landlord won't fix anything in my apartment. I live in a duplex and my neighbor has broken many parts of her lease and Zimmerman won't evict her. I go outside every morning and I see at least 20 garbage bags on the side of the building. I have been living here almost a year and I been getting all sorts of bugs in my place in the past few months. I have black mold in my apartment and they told me to wipe it off and spray with bleach. I have been threatened by my neighbors boyfriend (who lives there, but is not on the lease.) Zimmerman tells me that can't ban him from this property because "he don't live there." I can't use my main door because I don't ant to deal with the neighbors. She and him got busted for possession of drugs and parifonalia while at her apartment (which violated the lease), but they won't evict her. I been waiting 3 eeks for Zimmerman to call me back because they said they will find me a place to move, but they always say they will call back and never do. I can't even sit in my bedroom without getting ate up by fleas and e have no dog, but the neighbor does and Zimmerman said it's my responsibility to pay an exterminator to get rid of the bugs. I have been dealing with these issues (and more) since right after the girl next door moved in April and I have been bringing all this up with Zimmerman, but like EVERYONE SAYS ZIMMERMAN IS ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY AND THEY DON'T CARE HOW THEIR TENANTS LIVE.

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