Fancy Fingers Nail Salon Complaint

Don't let this happen to you!! - Full set of nails and pedicure

- Salisbury MD

Do not go to this nail salon, they rip you off!! I went to a nail salon to have full set of nails done and a pedicure. They charged me 95.00 for everything and they do not even put designs on them. I went in and they have me sit in a tall chair they pull out a little tub for your foot soak that you plug into the wall, kinda like a sitz bath. It took over an hour just for that. Then they did my finger nails. 3 days after I had it done my first nail broke then 5 days after another broke, so I go to other nail salon and want them to repair them for me, they take off the polish and find 3 more nails that are chipped on the sides and say I need a whold new set. So I go back to owner and ask if I can have a partial of my refund back and she says I don't give refunds... I'll fix them for you but I don't have time right now. I said no I don't want you to fix them. I want some money back because I wanted them done correctly. She calls me at the end of her day and wants to argue with me about giving me any money back because now it's been 10 days. Do not go to this business to have any services done. It's a ripoff!!

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