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Don't bother - Juniper Visa Credit Card

- Cincinnati, OH USA

I had decided to purchase a new computer from the Apple store and saw that Juniper Visa was offering no interest for 90 days through a partnership with Apple. I applied for the card online and the trouble began. After experiencing technical issues with the website, it delayed my ability to make the purchase for days. I finally bought the computer with an existing credit card and figured I could transfer the balance. Little did I know the transfer would cost 3% of the amount to be transferred. In short, I wasted HOURS trying to work things out with Juniper Visa. I just canceled my account and shredded my card, convinced that if they tried they couldn't get anything right. My advice to anyone looking to take advantage of the 90 days deal, find another credit card because you'll waste time and just be let down by Juniper Visa.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by d.muhler on 03/27/2009
I paid the first payment on a new account. Payment wasn’t due until February 12. It was debited from my account February 5th. I was however, charged a late fee. After talking to several reps with Juniper and getting several different reasons why this could have happened, none legitimate, I was still hit with a late fee and another since I hadn't paid the first with the regular payment. Be careful. Since I could prove that the first late fee was totally unwarranted they reversed it but raised my interest rate to a full 29%. Needless to say I'm canceling the account, paid it in full without the added interest. I'm sure they will ding my otherwise perfect credit score.

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