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I am very worry about how Walmart is making bussiness on line. I try to purshase items for Christmas and the order was not completed they keep asking me for my last digit on back of my card. WEll they cancel my order 2 days later I have my bank statement charge 651.78 dllrs. Well I went to to check if my order was place to my surprise this order was cancel, I call the 18009666546 number and spoke to Rose I explain to her that this are my childrens Christmas present and that I need eather the merchandise or the money back so I can purshase this items. She got in a actituted mode repeating the same argument you will not have this money until 3 busness days. I ask to talk to a supervisor I explain the situation this is Christmas week I need that money today she keep with the same you place this order your mistake we will return this money in 3 bussness day. I call coorporate spoke to sheila she said that they can comunicate with billing a have this resolve transfer me to billing I waited for mor than 30 minutes I spoke to Tiffany she told me the same. Now this is something that as a customer and I know that I am not the only one that have the same situation if they are that quick to take the money why is the problem returning the money back ? What happen to that exelent customer service this people strive of. And what happen to the good old fashion customer service. Now my children will not have Christmas present What I will tell them? I am hopping that some body will care enough to broadcast this so some body learn a lesson not to shop it is not relaible, secure, and the customer service is awfull. Thank you and Mwerry Christmas to you I know I would not have one until I resilve this with this giant retail store. Jeannette Negron

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