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New Customers Only

I was a loyal Dish customer for 5 years until I needed my system repaired. Due to the more important business of new instalations I was required to wait one week for a repairman to visit. At the end of the four hour window provided for the visit I had to contact Dish to find out if the repairman was going to make the scheduled appointment. I was informed that the repairman called in sick that day. Howver, I was left wait without a notification from Dish of the situation. A new appointment could not be made for another seven days. Guess what, the repairman never arrived for that appointment either. I cancelled my subscription with Dish believing it would be much easier and quicker to open a new account since new instalations get first priority. I was told that since I was a prior Dish subscriber that I could not get a priority new account instalation. In fact I would need to pay a penalty and fee for reopening my account. In addition, I was not allowed to receive new customer deals and promotions. I told Dish to shove it and contacted DirectTV and could not be happier. Better service, price, and picture. Wish I would have dumped Dish sooner.

Understand that old, reliable, and loyal customers are just as, and even more important than new customers.

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