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On April 10, 2007 I recieved a phone call from a lady stating that she was with dish network and she wanted to tell me about their current satallite promotions. I listened to her and she offered me a promotion for a 3 room installation system, i told her i would like to have that promotion, she then took my ssn, name etc. She ran my credit report and told me that i didn't qualify for that particular promotion i said ok she then proceeded to tell me that they have another promotion that i would own the satallite hardware but i had to pay 200 dollars i told the lady that i didn't have that kind of money on my credit card at that time. We then got disconnected. She called me back again and told me that she indeed had gotten me approved for the first promotion using MY credit score. I said great she then set me up with a date for installation which was April 12, 2007. That morning the satallite installer called to verify my appointment but instead of asking for me he asked for someone else i told him that person did not live here and that i din't even know that person. He then asked me if i was expecting a satallite to be put in that day i replied yes. He then instructed me to call dish network and tell them that i didn't know the person who was on my account. I did and the people at dish network told me that everything was fine and that i would get my satallite installed i said ok. Then my satallite tech called back and said that the work order had not been updated and he couldn't come out until they updated it so i called dish network again. I then spoke with someone who told me that the orignal sales person had put MULTIPLE social security numbers on my account and that they would NOT install my satallite for me. I just want people to know that dish network is commiting fraud and to watch out!

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Posted by mako1621 on 03/29/2008
Scam the Scamer. I noticed on big trash pickup day there was always a dish antenna being thrown away, In time I`ve acquired four. I ordered four receivers, one for me and the rest for my children at $5 a receiver. we mounted the antennas faceing SW and with a little adjusting and the help of internet settings each house has Dish. I pay the bill and the extra $5 and no longer have to cut grass or do yard work and its legal I guess but dont realy care. You can also install the antenna on a 5' fence pole in a paint bucket and use it in your RV on trips

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