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DISH lying to costumers! - Agreements

- Gainesville Florida

This company is telling customers one thing and then they do another completely different! I ask specifically for a 12 month agreement because on the webpage the promotions said a price for 12 months. They never told me that they don't do 12 months agreements, they just set everything up and send the guy for the installation who leave a complete mess in my house and had a 24 month agreement but never told me about it. He just told me to sign where it says that he showed me where he was going to installed everything and that everything was finished. Because I trysted that the company was giving me what I asked for I signed. Afterwards I called to take out the DVR service because we were not able to use it well and I did ask before if I could take it out, They told me at that very moment about the 24 month agreement and that they could take out the DVR service but I had to make another 24 month agreement. I told them that I had been lied and that that was not what I asked for. I told them specifically that I was choosing them because Direct TV said very clear on the web page that they only do 24 months agreement not like DISH that had the appearance that the promotion comes with a 12 month agreement.

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