DirecTV Complaint

DirecTV scamming individuals

- Chicago IL

Before we signed up for DirecTV we were made aware of what our contract included. DirecTV was installed on March 8, 2011 & soon after DirecTV was installed- we found out they actually lied to us on what our services included. We apparently weren't able to get certain services from DirecTV because we were told we didn't have the right type of TV for this. Then we also told that service calls in fact were not free, they are only free the first 3 months of your service. They told us they were COMPLETELY free before signing up. Our main issue is that they lied to us about pricing. They told us the pricing would be the same for 2 years, now we find out that it's just 1 year. A representative called me today from the headquarters to discuss it. She tried to get us to add on more services (DVR) to make up for us being lied to, when I turned that down & said my main issue was my contract being changed, she actually responded with- "DirecTV gave you a good deal for the first year, the second year doesn't matter" Well it DOES matter because they lied to us about pricing, I never would've signed up if they were honest with me, She kept saying the 2nd years pricing shouldn't matter since they gave us a good deal for the first year. She then sighed & said she'd lower the cancellation fee to just $150 since we were unhappy. It's ridiculous that I have to pay to get out of a contract they lied about everything with. They completely lied about services provided & the pricing- they changed our contract terms & now they're telling me to pay to leave if I want. I wouldn't have even signed up for DirecTV if they would've told me the truth from the start. They seem to think that added more services to your bill will make you happy but they don't listen. They lied about my pricing & are planning to change it. I should NOT have to pay $150 to get out of a contract they themselves lied about & changed. The company should be ashamed of themselves for lying to so many people just for the sake of getting their contracts signed. They really should be investigated for this kind of behavior, they're taking advantage of people :(

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