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DirecTV's Unethical Service Termination Penalty - Satellite TV

- Placer and El Dorado Counties, CA

We had a perfect record of paying all of our obligations to DirecTV on time for all four years of service. We did not knowingly enter into any contract or agreement with DirecTV other than our monthly service subscription which began in 2003. They are now billing us $125 for terminating our 4 years of service.

We Listed our Placer County home for sale in June, 2007, fully furnished including TV sets and the DirecTV satellite dish and equipment (which belonged to us). The home sale closed in August, 2007. We asked DirecTV to terminate our service effective the end of August, which they did. We paid for all billed services to the date of termination.

The buyer of the home resumed DirecTV service after close of escrow with a simple phone call to DirecTV. So there was almost no DirecTV service break to the address.

DirecTV has since billed us $125 as a penalty fee for terminating our service. They assert that we had entered into a long-term contract with them in July (after we had already listed the house for sale) and that we were breaking that contract. We did not knowingly enter into any kind of contract or agreement and obviously would not when anticipating the sale of our house. We did, however, accept "Your Complimentary Gift" (their words) of $5 off the monthly fee for 12 months. We realized a total of $5 saving on our August bill. The "Gift" was offered to us as a reward for being a loyal customer for 4 years and we believed also because Dish TV was campaigning in our neighborhood to capture DirecTV business. There were no evident conditions attached to the "gift".

We moved to a sparsely furnished one-bedroom apartment with no TV set where we lived for 2 months. We had no need for TV or TV services, as family medical emergencies (which prompted selling our home and moving, in the first place) took all of our time.

DirecTV has repeatedly billed us for the $125 penalty even though we offered to repay the only $5 saving we did realize as a result of "Your Complimentary Gift". DirecTV has turned our account over to a collection agency and both have threatened to "ruin" and "negatively affect" our perfect credit rating.

We believe that the $125 penalty is unreasonable, unethical, unfair, and based on a misleading offer of "Your Complimentary Gift" (quoting DirecTV). There were no conditions specified with their offer.

We have corresponded and telephoned both DirecTV and the collection agency. They have simply repeated their assertion that we have breached a contract and we owe them $125 or they will destroy our credit rating.

We are seeking help from consumer fraud agencies to intercede on our behalf, end DirecTV's unethical and misleading consumer practices, end the DirecTV and collection agency letters, and help us maintain the perfect credit record that we have enjoyed for my entire life (75 years).

We currently reside in El Dorado County.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by contact on 07/14/2008
On behalf of DirecTv, I am hereby authorized to send each and every account that has outstanding balances to CBE for collections. This is my job. Pay your bills on time and in full, and we would not have to do this. Being poor/broke is not an excuss, you ordered the service, you pay the bill.

Scott West
Albany, OR
1-541-926-4635 Field Office
1-360-885-9669 Regional Office
1-541-936-1908 Office
1-800-531-5000 Customer Service

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