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DirecTV Collection Scam - Cable TV

- St. Paul, MN

We closed our DirecTV account back in May of 2009 and our bill was 85.89. We received a letter from Wood Law Firm on 8/15/09 asking to collect 410.88 for DirecTV and Attorney/Collection costs. We informed them that we only owed 85.89 and shouldn’t be charged the 150.00 for early termination. DirecTV said we had signed up for an 18 month contract then they changed their story and said that we signed up for a 24 month contract, neither of which was true. Then on 11/23/09 we received a collection letter for 281.88 from Allied Interstate. After a lot of back and forth we agreed on 100.00 to settle the account and the funds were withdrawn directly from our account. We were under the impression that this was a closed matter. Fast forward to the present...on January 30, 2011 we received a letter from Plaza Associates trying to collect 281.88 on behalf of DirecTV. After explaining to Plaza Associates that this matter was settled we were asked to fax our 'proof' to them. I called DirecTV to see why they continued to send collectors after a debt that was settled and of course it was a "call center" and they couldn’t tell me anything except that our account hasn’t had activity in 3 year and has a balance of $0. Even though the representative was very nice, she couldn't do anything for me. She gave me the address of the DirecTV Collection Dept (no number or fax or email address available) and the number of the collection agency. This will be the third time that I am sending this information to a attorney/collection agency to get this settled. They have NO notes in their system at DirecTV that this was settled. We feel like we are being continually harassed by DirecTV and there is nothing that we can do about it.

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