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Directv Direct Rip Off!

- Phoenix AZ

I originally opened my account not through Directv but through Verizon's Triple Play Package. Verizon's Triple Play package includes Directv cable service. I was told by Verizon that I would have over 147 premium channels that would not change as long as I maintained the Triple Play Service. However, after about 8 days I noticed the channels were there as told and I called Directv. Directv told me that the premium channels were only available as part of the package for 2-3 months then there would be additional charges if I wanted to maintain those channels because my package only includes about 127 channels. I called Verizon to cancel due to misinformation in order to make a sale. Verizon kindly cancelled my service and zero out balance. However, Directv charged me a disconnected/cancellation charge of $180 which was never verbalized prior to service. I now have comcast and their policy was for me to sign an agreement that states only after 30 days of cancellation will customer incur a fee. Whereas Directv states "This agreement is verbal and does not require a signature for agreement". I have disputed this charge more than once and they have placed my account into collections. Directv said that Verizon should have informed after they also said that the cancellation information will come in my first bill. I cancelled before my firt bill arrived and when it did, still no cancellation notice. Finally, Directv said the cancellation is on their website that I have neve visited.

Thank you for your assistance.


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Reader Comments:

Posted by mibyr5 on 08/20/2007
we have had problems with direct tv also. when we moved from our old residence, we had the service moved to our new residence thinking that it would be a continuance of regular billing. we had had a service with them for over 3 years prior.we found out that anytime a person moves or has a tech come out, it is a 100 dollar billing attached. the new tech put the satilite dish in the wrong spot, and have trouble when the wind blows the trees next to the site of installation our reception is poor at best, and to remedy that it will cost us another 100 dollar bill! thinking we only had 3 months left of a contract with direct tv, they claimed that after the move we were obligated to another year of service!! this was not in our agreement, and if we wanted to disconnect we would have to pay the remainder of the years service before they would let us disconnect from their service.

Posted by skatebev on 09/07/2007
The same thing is happening to me only the comapy I went throught for direct TV is Bell South,The new AT

Posted by lyndygarrett on 09/10/2007
In 2006 I had the sports package with Direct TV and cancelled it in February 2007 explaining that I didn't watch sports and didn't need it any longer.

They arbitrarily added the service back on my July and August 2007 bill BECAUSE I HAD IT LAST YEAR.

I immediately called when my bill was $40 more a month for July and August and the rep said that there was a warning on 2 billing cycles that the sports package would be added unless I called. Since I was out of town for 3 months and assumed that I would only be billed for my normal cable charges, I didn't view my bills.

I called and asked Direct TV to put the money back in my account, they said they did but didn't say that they credited my DirectTV account, not my bank account where the money was withdrawn without my knowledge or authorization.

I had HBO before and cancelled that service, why would Direct TV feel I needed the sports package and not HBO???

On September 7, 2007, I wrote to customer service and asked that they discontinue my service and send me the credit on my account in the form of a check. I asked that the cut the service off on Sunday September 9th and pick up their equipment. It is September 10 and I checked my account and the credit is still there and I'm not sure if the service has been discontinued.

If you have Direct TV, scrutinize your billing, you may be charged for a package you didn't order but they felt you needed since you had it before.

Posted by farrahgebhart on 09/13/2007
Agree completely! Very unhappy with Direct Tv and not recieving network channels. I "bundled" thru Verizon and was never told anything about not getting network channels. Now they will not cancel my service (I've had my service 30 days). I was just told that I only had 3 days to cancel. VERY UNHAPPY!!!!

Posted by hardingerdk on 07/16/2008
Directv is a scam. They confirmed a 29.99 deal for a year, and then billed 39.99. Nobody in the company can explain why they offer the 29.99 deal. I now I am stuck with these idiots!!
Avoid at all cost.

Posted by gsantiago on 12/12/2008

I also opened an account through Verizon's Triple Play Package. Verizon's Triple Play package includes Directv cable service on November of 2007. I was told by Verizon that I would have the premium channels included for a whole year. However, Directv told me that the premium channels were only available as part of the package for 2-3 months then there would be additional charges if I wanted to maintain those channels. I called Verizon to clarified the offer and was told that verizon will be covering the costs after the third month due to misinformation in order to make a sale. However, in January of 08 I receive services from DirecTV only for a period of time 21 day out of 31 without service to be exact. and in February 14 out of 28. I called to cancel the service and now Directv charged me a disconnected/cancellation charge of $180 plus some other charges that add up to $354.00 which was never verbalized prior to service. I now have a collection agency on my back. Whereas Directv states "This agreement is verbal and does not require a signature for agreement". I have disputed this charge more than once and they have placed my account into collections. but Directv nor the collection agency had given me a writen answer to my disputes and are telling me that i have nothing to dispute about.

Posted by wsteenhout on 02/12/2009
Directv rips anyone and everyone. They did me, charging me after my account was closed for a ppv I had free coupons for that they never billed for or ask me to turn in so I thought they knew I used the coupon. Not so 2 1/2 years after the coupon expired they charged my credit card. They also threaten to charge me hundreds of dollars for the receivers I left at my old house for the next owner. I got them sent to them and avoided that but they act like they don't understand english when dealing with issues. I would like to see them sued into oblivion.

Posted by louiej500 on 06/02/2009
This is the worst company i have ever been involved with.

Posted by annharvel on 06/17/2009
DirecTV has lousy customer service and cs managers. I've been dealing with them on the phone and internet for the past year and they've yet to stick to what they promised and they're impossible to deal with! Where do they find their managers, good grief!!!!!!!
Yeah, they told me one price when I signed up last year and haven't paid that to this day, I had been with them over 20 yrs till we moved here and then went back to them, BIG MISTAKE!! And now I talked to Patty who is supposedly a mgr for the office of the president and she has no CS qualities at all!! My blood pressure after talking to her is 165/106!! She is the most rude mgr I ever spk to!!!
And yes whenever it rains the satelite goes out!! During storms we had to go buy a weather radio to keep up with the storms!!
I was a customer of over 20 years and Patty as much said that means nothing to them!! Is this a good business, NO!! Where's Customer service. I sent them 9 pages of notes, who, what, when, etc of phone calls to them to the Office of the President and got no where with them!! I don't know what else to do execpt send to BBB!! Or get an atty!! They have an awful CS base!! And Policies!!! I'm and furious!!

Posted by nancejn on 06/24/2009
Direct Tv has been nothing less than a nightmare experience. Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Posted by dwel13r on 07/06/2009
We have had dtv for over a year, i got 1 dvr at initial sign up for $100. i bought a second for another room for $100. now ive decided to cancel my service, so they send me a box to return their equipment, on the same day i receive the return box they pull 613.00 out of my account. i call and they say they'll give my money back when they recieve the equipment. at least they could have given me a few days? i mean i got it on saturday, i cant mail it till monday. 613 friggin dollars?? my blood is boiling.

Posted by thirdeditions on 01/29/2010
Anybody out there that is having or had a problem with this TERRIBLE company needs to file complaints with the folling agencies: This is the Calif. Atty. Gen. website This is Calif BBB This is the FTC, note it is a secure site.
You also need to file complaints with YOUR STATE Atty. Gen., and or Consumer Affairs Dept.
This can all be done online and only takes a few minutes for each. Maybe with enough complaints this RIPOFF company will change its ways.

Posted by Opalclay on 02/05/2010
I called today. I had my service turned on on 12-28-2009. I get a bill that $61.17 which was due on 01-17-2009. I thought no,that was a mistake. I waited for a second bill. I did get the second bill with a threat that the service would be cancelled. I called and spoke to a cs lady who was rude from the getgo. I was explaining to her that I did not want to pay for service that I did not already have. She said that I did not. I said that yes, when I get a service turned on on the 287th of a month and the due date is the 17th of the following month, I am paying for service I did not get. I was then told that the direct tv policy was that I paid in advance. I told her that I was never told this and If I was, I would not have gone to direct tv. I do not pay for service I do not get. Then after a time of rangling back and forth, she then told me that I only owed $22.60 not the $61.17 billed. She said that after a coupla months, that the true amount would show on my bill. What if I had paid the full amount billed. Would I have gotten my money back? Probably not! In fact, online it tells you that your rebate has to be actived at the time of install or you would be billed for the total amount. I called DirectTV twice to make sure the rebate was active. I was told twice that it had been. The cs lady then suggested that I change the due date. She then transferred me to another cs who was also rude from the getgo. She informed me that I was not paying for what I did not get. I informed her that I only had service for 20 days and received a bill for the full amount. She said that that was the way direct tv did things and that my due date would not be changed. I kept insisting that I did not choose to pay for something I did not get. I finally asked her to update my call, a mgr came on and was very defensive from the beginning. I was already in fight mode, I did not need someone coming on board that was rude as well. I told him that I was not happy with the service I have received. He let me rant. Finally he said that I could not change the due date and If I did not stop interrupting him, that he would end the call. He told me that he did not want to make me more grouchier than I was. I then got his name and badge number and will make a formal complaint. Basically, if I had know that I would have so much trouble, I would never have had directtv installed. After I repeated "grouchier?" to him, he backtracked and gave me $18.___ worth of service for 6 months. I ended the call with, If I had been treated well from the beginning, the conversation would not have gotten so "grouchy" and it was not very professional to call someone grouchy. Then I hung up and am now sending this comment. I will allow my contract to close, then will not use this company again. To be treated the way these people treat a person is unacceptable.

Posted by proplayer71 on 02/28/2010 Would you reward a kid for stealing from your purse? Of course you wouldn't.Then why is the NFL rewarding Directv with exclussive rights? They lie , cheat , and steal.They charge you to lease their equipment , then charge you upto $5.99 to protect it against repairs.They will also make unauthorized charges to your credit/debit card.This is 100% accurate , google directv complainsts , it will blow your mind , they had over 20,000 complaints in 3 years , thats a BBB record.They have 3 lawsuits pending , in California , Washington , and Oregon.This does not include the silent suits.My goal is to get congress to open the NFL Sunday Ticket to cable companies , And all Satellite companies , At the top there is a Petition , my goal is to get 10,000 signatures then I'm sending the petition to congress.America needs competition , what if there was only 1 electrc company , gas company , Or auto maker?You Get the point , Thanks for your support! Earl David Evans

Posted by ldanon on 03/10/2010
I am so sorry that I did not see these posts before I signed up for Direct TV for our business... I called the 800# and spoke to a friendly representative and told them that we were moving our business and that the new place did not have cable reception so we were investigating our satellite options. He said great! and went on to give the sales pitch of his life. I signed up for the $24.99 package and scheduled an install date AT OUR STORE and the tech came and installed the dish AT OUR STORE. One week later I get a nasty call from the "fraud department" from a nasty, uneducated girl named Brittnay - telephone number 310-964-2886 if you want to harrass her - telling me that I was committing a fraud by having a residential acct at a business... I said EXCUSE ME?!? FRAUD?! I gave the name of my business, I gave the address of my business, I told the guy it was a business and a tech came to my business to set up the service by drilling a HOLE in the side of my building - How did I commit a fraud?! DirectTV is commiting a fraud by selling me a on lost cost package and then once everything is installed switching on me to a "business package" which is nearly 3x the price .. I said to her -- who do I CALL about a fraud perpetrated against me?! And she of course - with her high school education continued to read from her script... refused to transfer me to anyone and told me if I did not call the Commercial Accts dept my service would be suspended...The person at the commercial dept was very understanding but said that yes, I would need to switch to a business acct for $69.99 a month ... and I said no - that unless they figured something out they would have to send a tech to my BUSINESS and take their equipment back -- and since THEY were changing the terms of the contract I would not pay anything... We'll see... I am cancelling my credit card today so they cannot start charging me for things like happened to the people on this site ... at least I read your notes in time for that! I'll keep you posted as to how things progress...

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