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Direct TV receiver scam

- Ohio

I found out 2 things today. One being the renewed contract time any time you add or replace a receiver. The other is when you are at the store and buy a new receiver, you don't own it. You have only paid for the upgrade price of your system. We bought our HD DVR in Aug 2007, being lead to believe we own it. As I found today was we only leasing it and have to give it back to Direct when we cancel service. This is what I was doing when I found this out. I was also told I was going to be charged $300 early termination fee. But my two year contract was not from 2007 but from June 2008, when my son "bought" his HD DVR. At niether time were we informed of this new contract extension. In 2007 they sent a tech to switch our dish to a HD one. But my son installed his receiver his self. There was nothing Direct did but receive his phone call to activate service to the new receiver and deactivate the one replaced. What a crock.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by kktells on 09/29/2009
If You Buy a Used Receiver from an Estate Sale, Second Hand store, DirectTV can claim it is a leased component and charge you monthly lease fee. In Addition, if the previous owner has any outstanding charges on their account, those charges are NOW YOURS!!
I called DirecTV prior to purchasing and asked what was the procedure if I should purchase new receivers. They said after you hook them up to the tv and phone just call Tech Support and we'll activate. I ended up with a bill for 6 Receivers, 2 Lease Fees which aren't lease fees just because that's what it says..... I fought for hours and hours - Good thing I only hooked up one of the new receivers I purchased and I won't even consider going thru it to get the 2nd one hooked up. I ended up with DirectTV as a result of their purchasing Pegasus who had purchased Global, living in remote area service providers was limited to ONE. Finally there's competition, but my credit is in the garbage.
You could submit your story/complaint to your State Attorney General. I can't think of the name of the Federal Department that regulates broadcasting. Definitely file report with Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection, copying to DirectTV. Good Luck and don't give up the fight.

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