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My two years contract with Direct TV ended in 2009. On February 2010, I called and cancel Direct TV.
A final bill was sent to me which I paid.
Now to my surprise, I received another bill for $216.76.
I called Direct TV to find out about this new bill. The representative I spoke to told me that the amount was for PAY PER VIEW CHARGES(Adult movies) stemming from 2007.
I told the representative that we never ordered any PPV movies from them muchless ADULT movies. I mentioned to the representative that my husband is a member of Netflix and that we usually received three movies a week including any latest releases, so there was no reason for us to order any PPV movies.
My next question to this person was why it took over two years to bill me for these charges, his answer was that after receiving the cable boxes, they were able to extract this information. He also mentioned that we ordered all these movies from various cable boxes in our house. At this time I asked to speak to a supervisor who stated the same, nad bluntly refuses to waive these charges.
I told him that I will not pay for these charges and so my conversation with Direct TV ended.

On May 2010, I received a collection notice from CBE Group about this matter, and respondd to it stating the above.

On June 9, 2010, I received a letter from Direct TV collection department stating that after they reviewed my file, they determined that the charges are vaild and I must pay this bill.

I googled Direct TV complaints on the net and found about six complaints from other customers about this same problem. Are all these people liars?

I don't have any intension in paying this bill. I would rather go to court and let the judge handle it.

I would appreciate any advise on this matter or where to get this matter resolved.


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