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- Noblesville, Indiana

I am currently in the second year of a 2 year contract with Direct TV (which is now owned apparently by AT&T). I recently was reviewing my bill and I saw that the subscription service went up $3 and the DVR service went up $1. Since I was on a contract, I assumed that this was in error. I called Direct TV and was informed that I agreed to a two year contract where I could not change services but where Direct TV could increase my charges at will! I said I never agreed to any such agreement and was informed that there was in fact an agreement posted on the Internet and that by agreeing to the service, I was bound under their contract. OH, WHICH BY THE WAY, NOBODY BOTHERED TO TELL ME ABOUT WHEN I SIGNED UP FOR SERVICE! This is so typical of AT&T and just goes to show you, me and everybody in America that our corporations are out of control when it comes to thinking up ways to screw the average consumer. How many people would agree to such a contract if they knew about it? How underhanded can AT&T get? Now what is my recourse? Nothing! Because our government allows such underhanded practices to go on. Didn't AT&T get in trouble for something similar a few years ago?

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Reader Comments:

Posted by ldanon on 03/10/2010
I am so sorry that I did not see these posts before I signed up for Direct TV for our business... I called the 800# and spoke to a friendly representative and told them that we were moving our business and that the new place did not have cable reception so we were investigating our satellite options. He said great! and went on to give the sales pitch of his life. I signed up for the $24.99 package and scheduled an install date AT OUR STORE and the tech came and installed the dish AT OUR STORE. One week later I get a nasty call from the "fraud department" from a nasty, uneducated girl named Brittnay - telephone number 310-964-2886 if you want to harrass her - telling me that I was committing a fraud by having a residential acct at a business... I said EXCUSE ME?!? FRAUD?! I gave the name of my business, I gave the address of my business, I told the guy it was a business and a tech came to my business to set up the service by drilling a HOLE in the side of my building - How did I commit a fraud?! DirectTV is commiting a fraud by selling me a on lost cost package and then once everything is installed switching on me to a "business package" which is nearly 3x the price .. I said to her -- who do I CALL about a fraud perpetrated against me?! And she of course - with her high school education continued to read from her script... refused to transfer me to anyone and told me if I did not call the Commercial Accts dept my service would be suspended...The person at the commercial dept was very understanding but said that yes, I would need to switch to a business acct for $69.99 a month ... and I said no - that unless they figured something out they would have to send a tech to my BUSINESS and take their equipment back -- and since THEY were changing the terms of the contract I would not pay anything... We'll see... I am cancelling my credit card today so they cannot start charging me for things like happened to the people on this site ... at least I read your notes in time for that! I'll keep you posted as to how things progress...

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