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2 more years of agony - Satalite Tv Service

- Shamokin, Pa

It all started when I had decided it would be nice to add HD TV to my existing Direct TV service, a few months before my two year agreement was up. When I called and had the HD service added they told me I would renew my two year agreement, I was fine with that I had been satisfied with the service thus far. The tech that was sent out to my house to install the new HD satellite was extremely rude, it was a snowy day and he told me he had fallen off a roof a few days prior and is now very scared of roofs. He told me his back was bothering him and his boss would not give him the day off and also makes him work very long hours. He said he didn't want to go on the roof that day and asked if I could reschedule, I said I will if I have to but I only have a weekday off every two weeks so it would be another two weeks until I could have them come out and install it. He told me I just don't get paid enough to climb up on that snowy roof if you were to throw in an extra 50 bucks or so I would definitely do it, and I blankly said no way. After an hour or two of him trying to talk himself into not doing it and an hour of him leaving to finish another job and coming back he finally crawled up on the roof and installed the satellite. He came down and installed the receiver and it didn't work. So he crawled back up to tweak the satellite and came back down and it still didn't work properly, he told me it was because it was snowing and when the snow passed it would work fine, and he left. Well it didn't so I had another tech out two weeks later to fix it, he did. A few days after he left it again didn't work. I only received less then a quarter of my HD channels and even those faded in and out. So I called direct TV and complained about the first tech being totally unprofessional and the second not fixing it and said I didn't want anyone else coming out to my house and I wanted to cancel service, because it didn't work properly. I spent a totally of about 8 hours on the phone over a two week period talking to different reps and supervisors. I finally found a level headed supervisor who apologized for all my troubles and told me she had removed my new two year agreement. So I thanked her kindly and a few days later after setting up a new service to come out and installed I called Direct TV back to cancel. They did everything they could to keep me they promised to not make me pay for HD service or the receiver but I could keep them and through in 6 months free of all the premium channels. I couldn't turn it down so I talked to my fiancee and we decided to wait 3 or 4 months until our original agreement ended and cancel. So those 3 or 4 months have gone by and I called them. They told me I am in contract until 2010, I got pretty mad and hung up. I called back today after I cooled down a little and explained to the rep the situation. He told me that the supervisor who told me she removed the new 2 year agreement, hadn't removed but escalated the account and asked to have it removed, which the commitment dispute people had denied and had said the agreement will stand from the time the HD receiver was installed, did I mention the HD receiver doesn't work? PLEASE HELP

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