Direct tv Complaint

Direct lies from direct tv - Removing channels

- California

Direct TV has decided to take the most watched channels from their customers and we as customers should feel cheated we have given direct TV the increase in their names customers are locked in a two years promises or pay if contract is broken we as customers think they should pay us or half the bill during the dispute.. So sad they think if you are not paying for these channels then there should be no problems but because of these channels we pay is direct TV willing to void their contract with us for not providing the service we want as of today they selected what channels we watch they give us the choices for our pay so unfair this is the excuse they use to increase our bill charges us for the month not viewed. shame on you direct TV you should close shop as high as your bill and equipment is I did not like or care for your service and ther should be a class action on you for your customers no other network is doing this you have us in mind sadly thinking not because this would have never happen us in mind is notifing us before it happened you did not you must be republican

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