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Decking Gone Bad - Composite Decking

- my back yard

We live in Baltimore MD and in 2006 we decided to built a deck. Apon researching our options we really liked the composite decking for our home. We proceeded to pick acolor and began construction. All was great and decided to add a small lower deck to our above ground pool. Well that is when we found out that the so called maintenance free decking had issues. Sunscreen spray is now our enemy and any spray or lotion sunscreen, it stains permenitly and is not easily over looked. Has time goes on we have noticed fadeing and mildew that requires hand scubbing or power washing to get off. If we wanted to powerwash and treat and, and, we would have used good old wood decking at least we could fix a blemish or sand off a stain. But we listened to the company product promises that we wouldn't need that type of maintenance. I was very taken back by how many complaints of much worse issues with there decking and how little if nothing was done by the company sales reps. that seem to give a *!#@! but end up not getting back with them at all. The site my husband found was full of problems and complaints of all kinds refering to this Azek decking. He was looking for a solution to our stains and was hoping for one, until he realized there wasn't one!

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