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- Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I purchased a house in July 2006, using the services of two Keller-Williams agents - Deborah Bigby and Travis Westry. During the transaction, the agents received material facts about the foundation of the property which were not presented to me. In November, 2006 after noticing cracks around my doors, windows, and walls I had my home assessed by PowerLift and RamJack and found that the foundation needed repair. I immediately called Ms. Bigby who promised 'we will get your house fixed.'

After a few months I realized that Ms. Bigby had no intention of having my foundation repaired. I wrote the Attorney General, who referred my complaint to the N. C. Real Estate Commission. After a thorough, lengthy investigation by Mr. Stephen Fussell, a December 2008 meeting of the N. C. Real Estate Commission determined that realtors Deborah Bigby, Travis L. Westry and Wayne H. Hankins had violated the provisions of G. S. 93A of the Commission. Incidentally, before the Commission could rule against Ms. Bigby in my case, her license was revoked in another case.

Armed with Consent Orders against Mr. Travis Westry whereas his license was revoked, and Mr. Wayne Hankins, whereas his license was suspended, legal representation was engaged to offer a settlement to Raleigh Partners, Inc. dba Keller-Williams. Keller-Williams refused to settle, even after numerous attempts by legal representation. Instead they wanted to litigate. For a single mother with the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent, litigation is cost-prohibitive.

Since December 2007, I have attempted to bring resolution to this problem, by means of appropriate protocol, waiting for the investigation to reveal what I knew was fact, however it seems that all my efforts have been futile. The acts committed by Keller-Williams agents have been emotionally unnerving.

The Keller-Williams website professes 'using integrity when dealing with customers and making sure their needs come first. By their actions-or rather inaction, in this situation, Keller-Williams has not shown integrity; at the very least, they could be seen as condoning their realtors' questionable actions.

This may seem like merely another complaint in a long line of ones where big business had taken advantage of the customer, but my goal is bigger than merely the repair of my foundation. As two of the aforementioned realtors have been charged with unsavory misconduct in other cases, it shows that I am neither the first nor the only person who has had trouble with them.

The history of questionable conduct of Raleigh Partners, Inc. dba Keller-Williams should be made public so that other consumers will not have to endure an ordeal such as this one.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by sebas44552 on 12/19/2009
If you did not receive the information from the real estate commission, let me explain something to you...
Like I told them, I scheduled the appointments for the agent (I'm professional, so I will not mention anyone's name) that was representing you and that was it. This was the first real estate transaction that I had participated in and I was in-training, which you knew as well. I could not prove that you did not receive the report, therefore I could not comment on that. I know the report was given to the agent and that’s that.
My mother is the one that told me that my name was online and for you to accuse me of any wrong doing in this transaction I am displeased, but for you to place my name on this website as a complaint I am disgusted.
This was a lousy attempt to get your money back from Keller Williams. They are a national corporation that has millions of dollars and lawyers that make more than we do in a month than we make all year. That is what they are there for!
Good luck and God bless,
-Travis W.

Posted by alln811 on 05/03/2011
Dear Diva-
Not sure if this message will reach you, but I maybe able to assist you in your case. Please email me

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