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In the beginning of 2009 we hired a law firm work with bank of america to get a modification for our home we live in and a rental. In July of 2009 we got approved for the rental property. In July of 2010 we received a call saying that our rental home was going into forclosure. We advised the lady on the phone that it was a mistake and that did have receive a modification. Bank of america sent us a letter saying to keep paying what we were paying. In the mean time we were still getting letters saying they were going to accelerate the loan. We contacted an attorney and he looked over the paperwork of the modification and said we did indeed have one. January 2011 our payment was mailed to the address that we send it to each month by certified mail and it was forwarded to another bank of america payment center. When I checked our the other day there was an envelope from the property management co that manages our rental home, inside was the envelope with the payment to bank of america. It was sent back. I checked everything I had done and even talked to the post office where it was mailed. They said bank of america had it forwarded and the forward expired and they sent it back. I went on line to try and look up the mortgage account and it would not let me do it. Bank of america says we have no modification, but we have the paperwork to prove that we do. We are a middle class family working everyday, trying to hold on to something. The home is rented and bank of america gets the amount that was agreed to each month. We know that they are trying to do something underhanded, please help us find out the truth. We can't get it from them. It is not fair that banks can take your home without you even knowing it. We will fight this injustice to the end. Please help us. We need help, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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