Vacant Home Caretakers Complaint

Deceived Home Caretakers won't ever get paid by their boss

- Washington

According to Washington State Department of Labor and Industries an employees of Vacant Home Caretakers Inc., we should have get paid at least minimum wage. Me and my husband were employees as Home Caretakers/Home Managers for over a year. As employees we were caring, maintaining and property sitting. Our career focus was to work collaboratively with our supervisor by being responsible of completing the work according to Caretakers Policies and Procedures. Even though the expectations and demands were very high we worked very hard to be the best Home Managers. We have all the paperwork that proves our supervisor was satisfied with our work, however; we have never received any wages from our employer even a peny. Furthermore to be an employee of a such a company we had to pay monthly service fee to the employer. Overall we have worked 10,375hours for the employer Vacant Home Caretakers Inc., and have not received any wages. We believe that we are not the only victims of this fraud Incorporation, since the it deliverately deceives to unlaful gain. Vacant Home Caretakers Inc. deliveratly deceives the employees of not worth of getting the wages, abusing them by working for the company as slaves and even pay for it. The Incorporation convinces that the innocent American citizen should work as an employee for such a company, however; the employee does not have any rights of a worker to receive wages or even workers compensation.
Naive citizens are getting deceived when they apply for the Home Manager position. A supervisor of the company advertises available properties that need to be taking care of in rental section on different websites, mainly on craigslist, and proposes at first like a discounted rental for renters. Here is a catch unfortunatly it is not a discounted rental it's a monthly service fee of an employee who is going to work for a Fraud Incorporation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no time off and no personal time. The property the employee supposedly live on is only available to work on, not living or enjoying.
The employee always has to be prepared to get out of the premise at anytime day or night, and lieve the premise in show-sell condition. When employee was out of the premise while there was a showing of the premise, he/she needs to come back right after the showing and clean the premise as soon as possible before there will be another showing and it can be as quick as 15 minutes appart.
We had some incidents where we had to clean the grease left on the carpet all over the house right after showing. There went our cleaning solutions expenses plus, the stress, time, and energy.
As an employee we had to answer our phone anytime day or night, becouse we were not allowed to miss any realtor's call. We could never lieve anything valuable in the house while we were out becouse anyone who could enter the key box could enter the house. We could never claim privacy becouse according to the contract with an employer tenants law do not apply, we were considered as employees (with no pay) and that was the reality. There was no excuse for us as employees not to be prepared or not doing our job even we would get hurt or sick.
Before signing up the contract person believes that there is going to be possibility to live peacefully on the property he/she will take care of, but oh no, just after he/she gets hired a supervisor comes unexpectedly to inspect if performance of an employee is up to standard. The nightmare begins, deceived Home Manager starts to perform very hard work and gets abused by his/her supervisor who always threaten him/her with possibility to be kicked out of the premise in 48 hours. To be accepeted as an employee in the first place we had to have very nice expensive furniture and for us to move somewhere in 48 hours was not a choice. So we tried to completed what we started. We agreed on the contract that our termination of employement will end on the day of the sale of a premise. We waited until the house will be sold. On one of the regular days an agent came and told us that the property we occupy has been sold for few days and we are living unlawfuly on the premise. We were shocked since we were continue paying the monthly service fee, doing showings and supervisor was doing inspection of the premise. That day we realized that we have put up with this Incorporation for way to long. The manager continued to call us an harassing us demanding us not to stop paying the Incorporation the monthly service fee. That was a good time for us to realized that we do need to report this Fraud Vacant Home Caretakers Inc. This needs to be stop at any cost. I believe there is justice in this country and the justice will win!

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