Marina Diamonds Corp Complaint

Damaged Diamonds and Pseudo Sapphires - Jeweler

- 1196 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10036

While in NYC the first weekend in December, I decided to upgrade my diamond. I had purchased a pendant and bracelet from Marina Diamonds in April which had appraised as promised. I looked at several stones, and decided to trade my 4 carat toward a 5 carat stone which I repeatedly was told a better stone than I had. It was rated as H VS2. What she did not tell me was that this stone had filled and enhanced, which they are required to by law. There is an illegible line on the receipt that they claim states this but no mention prior to sale or when reviewing receipt. I brought the ring home and took to my jeweler to appraise for insurance. I was shocked when called and told that the stone was fractured, had been filled as well as enhanced. The stone was worth a quarter of the one I traded in. I immediately called Marina to inform her of this and demanded my ring back. By law you have 14 days to cancel any sale of your jewelry. I was assured my ring was still there and well as 4 other pieces of jewelry I had sold toward the purchase could be returned, "Don't worry sweetie". She said she did not think she could credit back the additional $9000but would get a store credit. In this same transaction also was included the purchase of a "pink sapphire" earrings, which when appraised were CZ's. I told her I did not want a store credit due to the fraudulent activity surrounding these sales. She claimed she would have to talk to the "owners" of her store (her husband Rafael only other person). I mailed the jewelry I had purchased with request for return of my jewelry. They refused to accept the package. When I called, they began a claim that Marina was out of the store and would not be back for 2 weeks. When asked who was in charge was given the named of Ronald Rudniko to whom I faxed the same letter I had sent to Marina. Was supposed to follow through, again made aware that I wanted my ring that I traded back. No return calls. I flew to NYC yesterday to attempt to resolve this issue, met with Rafael who kept putting me off, "I need another hour". I had spoken with the Fraud Division of the NYC police prior to flying and they told me I would need to file a report at the local precinct. I went to the 18th precinct, did talk to a Detective Persaud who took the information but did not file a larcency fraud report as requested. This also would constitute theft in that they sold my ring when clearly they had been informed that I wanted it back and returned their merchandise. Yesterday they claimed they had just returned from vacation that day. Initially Rafael told me he would locate my ring but after the third "Come back in an hour" he told me he did not have. I am not the only one this has happened to, on Yelp I have since found two other people that same thing this happened to. I feel they need to be exposed, also the police could have been more helpful. I have my EGI certificate for my ring that they sold illegally and this could be traced.

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