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CVS Selling Customer Data to Drugmakers - Money Orders

- Blair Plaza, Silver Spring/Aspen Hill Plaza, Aspen Hill Maryland

I do not understand why I am required to give my drivers license to CVS stores to purchase a money order? What is it needed for?, Why do they need my drivers license # to take cash from me, so I can pay my bills?, Are they selling my information? Are they using my information to track who I pay, and how much I am paying? I don't understand why after buying money orders from this organization for the past 20 years, is it so important for them to track my business, in order to do business with them?

Nowhere that I have been in the United States have I ever been asked for personal information in order to purchase a money order. When I asked the store managers at the stores in the Blair Plaza, in Silver Spring and in the Aspen Hill Plaza I was told that this is Corporate policy, and if I did not supply them with this information they could not sell me a money order.?

I have attempted to get an answer from their corporate office with no success, after going on line I discovered that they are selling personal information to marketing firms (see attached), this is disturbing to me. I have to pay a firm to get a money order to pay my bills, only to have them make money off of me by selling my information. Is this right?!

What can be done about this?

Thanks for your help,
Kevin Rice

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Reader Comments:

Posted by p_isah on 05/02/2011
my mom just had the same issue and she was told by the manager that it was due to the patriot act? I am researching it right now and it says that only if the amount is greater than $1,999.00 do you need proper identification. we have been buying money orders there for the past 2 yrs not one exceeding their limit and not once til now did they ask for id, yet they said it was company policy effective 6 months ago. There is a lie somewhere.

Posted by a_sageone on 07/06/2011
I have the same issue with the CVS in Jacksonville,Il.For a twenty dollar m.o..They also claimed due to (anti) Patriot act.I was told if you aren't a licensed driver,no sold to you.Must be 18 years old.No other place in town carries these policies and requirements.

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