CVS Drug Store Complaint

I Was Assulted By A CVS Manager In DC

I was in CVS at the 1199 Vermont Ave. location around 8:45 PM and Your so called manager Started to demand I agree with him about the cost of a Crest toothpaste. Politely I ask, will you go back with me and check? He then said a few times, there is no way this toothpaste is the sale price and you are wrong. There were delivery boxes every where including out side the only door that was available to exit. The other door was closed off/locked! Now In the tooth paste aisle he stated that someone put in the wrong place although the exact name was on the sale sticker. The ounces may have been different. In any case, I had paid for this product. I stood with the price sticker stuck to the top of the Crest box and my receipt also was in the same hand, Holding my bag of other CVS products in my other hand. HE THE Manager took hold of my product, the Crest box on the end part sticking from my hand and started to squeeze the box and twist it around. It is of course still in my hand, demanding that he was right and I was wrong, he over bearing. wanting me to agree with him. Then he continued to say to me his opinion! Stating something about how I should be acting! I said turn my, I believe the word was fucking. Turn my fucking tooth paste loose. I paid for it! It is not yours and let my things go! And I pulled away. I went straight to the cashier Reg. 8, He was behind me until I stopped at register 8 and I was very shaken. I ask her to please refund my money for the tooth paste. She ask me to sign a piece of paper/reciept of refund. I put the wrong name (west). I was and am afraid of this scary person (Your manager). Looks can be deceiving. He looked studious and pleasant. In first glance. How ever from what I experienced IN JUST THOSE HIDEOUS MINUTES THAT I SAW he is ready to snap! I took the refund money shaking of course, and as I turned someone else, a male who worked there at CVS as well, ask what was going on, I said are you a manager? He said no! I exited the only open door. Boxes were every where and there was 8 or more guys all working, (non threatening) Boxes all over the side walk and around the guys as they were unloading boxes.

Now as I try and exit the store, The Manager is directly in front of me as I turn, we are face to face he backs me up, back into the store he has his hand like he is holding a GUN On the inside of his jacket and starts saying, You gonna talk I'm gonna show you just go ahead and talk. He said this over again and again, as I am being forced to start moving backwards and common sense says, DO Not Second guess anyone who appears to have a GUN.

It Is only a few steps into the store where I immediately turn around moving away from him and ask the cashier Reg. #8 to call the police. She then aloof and slow starts on her way a few steps towards the phone. I assume she is calling the police only to have someone, a male and female come out from behind the registers, From In an employee private space. She called them and had not/would not call the police. Ignoring me! Then the same guy I spoke with when I ask are you a manager was asking what did he say. I told him what just happened, he looked dumbfounded and said in a low voice. WOW. I ask him to please call the police. Still he did nothing saying He (the Manager) was the Manager. The photo tech was also in ears reach as well as several other employees. A younger female ask loudly WHO DID THAT? I told them The manager and no one did any thing. Just looked at me! As I didn't know any alternative I exited once more. The Guys unloading product boxes were laughing and HE, THE MANAGER was out there again and started saying what ever he was saying prior saying, before, If you wanna talk I'll show you to talk a couple times. At this point I continued to walk faster and faster. I was Afraid to look back! There were no buildings for protection from this threat of what had clearly appeared to be a gun. If he should use it while I clearly had to walk away my with my back to him, no matter, because I was out on the street. I did not see any police and I went home sick to my stomach and called THE POLICE...

I filed a Police report and have every intention of calling an attorney on Wednesday (tomorrow) morning. I have never been one to call the Police in any situation. I mind my business and expect to be treated with respect, I do not disrespect anyone, ever! If this were a deranged angry customer treating me this way the view would be somewhat different. It was not. And not just any employee But your Stores Manager. Who would not allow me to leave. I did not see a name for this manager and I am glad that I do not know it!

I am sick to my stomach.
I threw up literally when I got home.
I will sign my name only after I have spoken with legal counsel.
I still feel threatened.

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