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Crushed Super Bowl Dreams - Event Ticket Sales

- Company is in CA, I am in TX

STUB HUB CHRUSHES DREAMS! This might be a silly tip to you, but it is super important to me. I am married to a die hard Pats fan. Imagine the craziness that has been my life for the last two days. Well, I decided to do something crazy and I got on StubHub and got what I thought were two Super Bowl tickets. One for my husband and one for my daddy. I called the number provided to me on their web-site and asked for assistance purchasing these tickets. My husband and I are in the education field, so we do not make crazy amounts of money, but I decided it was worth it and we would eat Ramen and PB&J for a couple of months! The StubHub sales person and the web-site both told me that these tickets I was looking at were in a section yet to be determined, but would definitely be in the stadium on that day and time and that they were for the actual SuperBowl. I was stoked. I got two tickets and then hit the floor running because I knew that time was running out. I purchased the tickets, purchased airfare, got a hotel room and booked a rental car. I then told my husband and daddy about what I did. They were the happiest craziest men I have seen in forever. I think they jumped higher and cried more than when the first grandchild was born. None the less, it was a great moment for all three of us.

To make a long story short, I got a call from StubHub a few hours later that night and they told me that there had been an oversight on their part and those tickets that they told me were SuperBowl tickets actually were tickets to an off sight celebrity party. I was crushed. They told me not to worry and they would help me out. They canceled my order and refunded me completely. They then gave me a $300 coupon to purchase new tickets. That does not cover even a fraction of cancellation fees that I will have for everything else! I was crying hysterically by this point. I checked the web-site and new tickets will cost me an additional $3000. There is no way I can afford that! The worst part of all this has been telling my husband and daddy what had happened. They were supportive and told me that it stinks and not to worry about it...but I can not not worry about it. I was and am heart broken beyond belief. I can not eat or sleep (not eating I am happy about!). So, news tip...StubHub has the worst customer service, their Sales Department needs to get on the ball and all they do is crush dreams!!! I do not recommend them one bit.

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