C.P. Morgan Complaint

More square feet less quality NO warranty

- Noblesville, Indiana

My wife and I recently closed on our first home:

May 16: final walk through 10 minutes showed us repaired paint, We complained about dead sod, cracked driveway, broken storm door.May 19: Call at 1:30a.m wife says the garage door just came off the track. Call 24 hour repair man wait up all night. He shows at 8 a.m. Says "I am surprised your door stayed up this long. The track is uneven as possible.May 25: Replaces driveway wings(but pulls sod back and leaves broken up cement for us to replace.May 29: toilets in house (all 3 backup)"I" remove toilets find carpet cut outs in pipes.

May 30: Finally fixes storm door, tells us they refuse to replace sod.May 31: Take pictures of construction workers driving a bobcat over our yard, sod fight begins.

Never buy a C.P. Morgan home.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by tomm10xxxx on 07/02/2007
You must be living the same nightmare we are. Our garage door was damaged before we ever moved in we had the "brief" walkthrough also. The construction manager kept our door up. Now C.P. Morgan says we have to replace it ourselves. You got sod we're jealous we have weeds. I would strongly suggest no one makes the mistakes we have. Go to another builder. We would but who wants to buy this piece of junk.

Posted by dustbunny on 07/02/2007
I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent man. I guess I was wrong. I choose to buy a home from CP Morgan in Noblesville, IN. Myself 26 and my wife 23 were very excited. We closed on our home June 1, 2007. Since we have had our plumbing, water heater, furnace, stove, and water softner break and be replaced. We purchased our appliances at a CP Morgan Home Showroom.Bad luck? or Low quality/class builder? You decide.

Posted by bryceln on 12/05/2008
I purchased a CP Morgan Home a couple of years ago. Note that I am in the landscaping industry. CP Morgans landscape contractor was supposed to seed our backyard. Why is it that when I pulled the straw back there was not one seed. Also, anyone reading this, do not listen to the sales agents. They get paid to tell you what you want to hear so that you purchase the house. We had water pouring through our living room window when there was a heavy rain - this happened to numerous other residents in our neighborhood. It took about 1.5 years to get our A/C working like it should. Countless other issues. Paint repairs very visible, toilet backed due to contractor putting a face mask in it. I agree it wasn't bad luck!!!

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