Wells Fargo/Dover Downs Casino Complaint

Counterfeit Money

- Wells Fargo/Wilmington

My boyfriend went to his bank (Wells Fargo) and cashed a check for $500. He got (3) $100 bills---some $20's and 1's. He paid my son and my sister money back that he owed them. He gave each $200. My son went to Walmart and used his---they used a pen on it and accepted it. My sister went to Dover Downs-the bill ripped and her daughter went up to get a replacement or some tape. The people at Dover Downs said it was counterfiet---took it and wouldn't return it. They said they held it under a light---they don't use a pen. My sister asked for paperwork to prove they took it----even though no one offered until she raised a ruckus. My boyfriend went to his bank (Wells Fargo) and they told him that once the money leaves the bank----they are not responsible for it. Don't banks have insurance for this kind of thing? They have to have it on camera that he cashed the check there----what he got---and my sister will have the canceled check from her bank. Is there anyway you can help with this situation---it has caused a big fight in our family----my sister thinking my boyfriend should pay the money to her again. Thanks!

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