Meramec Valley Bank Complaint

corrupted bank - Home Loan

- 199 Clarkson Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011

I have my home loan with a local bank “Meramec Valley Bank” 199 Clarkson Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011. It's on a 3 year balloon note.

I've been in my home for 11 years and never missed a payment (NEVER)

I also had a business loan with MV Bank on an investment property for about $115,000. With the housing market fall I was forced to sell that property at $105,000 and the bank lost $10,000. AND the bank negotiated the sale not me.

Now the bank tells me their going to foreclose on my personal residence May 13th unless I let them cross collateralize my business loan with my home loan, (which is NOT in my contract). They know I'm not working at the moment and can't afford to move and have know where to go. Now their tacking on bogus fees on my monthly payment and say I owe them over $15,000, and I sill have never been late on my payments.

I feel this bulling tactic is wrong! I can't understand how a bank can foreclose on a perfectly good loan for no good reason.

I've read so many bad things about this bank on the internet... They been in trouble with the FDIC. Their constantly being sued or suing someone, I know they lost one lawsuit for over $600,000. According to the statistics below, they’re a very poorly run bank. Their loosing money and putting the publics money in jeopardy. This bank is a public nuisance and needs to be stopped. They think they can do what they want and no one can do anything about it.
Can someone please look in to this corrupted bank? They say their filing foreclosure on May 13. Thank you.

Mark Simon
636 294-3311


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