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- Montague, California

Dear Complaint TV:

I had subscribed to Direct TV in September 2008 for the choice package, which had over 150 channels. At the time of installation the service seemed to be working properly. Within the last 3 weeks my signal became weak (less than 50%) due to overgrowth of trees in the backyard, where I am renting my residence. I was only able to receive the local channels. The service technician came out and explained that the branches of the tree in the backyard had to be trimmed or an additional pole would have to be installed in the front yard. My landlord would not agree to either option. I had no choice, but to ask Direct TV to cancel my contract, since they could not deliver what I had signed up for. They told me that I would still be charged early cancellation fees, even though I wouldn't be getting full service. I believe that I am being treated very unfairly.

Please consider my story. I understand there are many others in similar situations with this company.



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Reader Comments:

Posted by reza.nabi on 07/08/2009
To Whom This May Concern:
I have ordered DirectTV on June 6, 2009 with 150 chanels including local chanel as it is advertised on the flyer and also verified by the sales representative. 2 days after the installation, my kids complain that local chanels are not coming. I called the DirectTV, found out that if I cancel the service right now, I have to pay $480 as early cancellation fee. I said how does the cancellation fee apply when you failed to provide local channels? DirectTv responded, your cancellation time was only 24 hours.

DirectTV is nothing but a piece of Junk company. We were moving and we didn't have any time to check what is available after the installation. This is unbelievable. DirectTV should be sued for charging cancellation fee while not provided the service.

Anything you could do to file this complaint to correct law enforcement agency would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much and to verify this incident, please feel free to contact me via email.


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