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Complaint with Verizon Wireless Customer Service - Cell Phone

- Westerville, Ohio

After very little satisfaction, I feel led to notify you of some very poor Customer Service I have received from Verizon Wireless.

Let me first start with a purchase of a new phone about six months ago. Obviously, I knew there would be extra charges and I planned on that in my budget. After a few weeks I kept getting text messages from an unknown regarding subscribing to different services. My thought was if I delete them, they will leave me alone because I never requested the service. I have never signed up for any additional services and didn’t want additional “charge” items.

Also, in January I was told that I was eligible for the Family and Friends program so I went online and signed up for that. There are several numbers that I call regularly that do not have Verizon service and this was a real cost saver for me. When I got my next statement I realized that I didn’t have that program. I called Customer Service regarding this issue and learned that I wasn’t even the “owner” of this account. Excuse me; I am the only of this account that was started way back in 1992 when Verizon was AirTouch! So after an hour on the phone with the nice gentleman at Verizon, we got that straightened out, I only thought! Within a week I received a text message on my phone saying that my plan didn’t qualify me for the Friends and Family program and I had been taken off of it. So my biggest nightmare was evident, a long wait to talk to someone at Verizon who would never solve the issues. Now they were offering me another plan that didn’t include Friends and Family, but gave me more minutes!

Never in my life have I felt so jerked around! I keep loosing money and getting behind in my bills because I’m a victim of their own choosing of changing my plan. My family has Verizon, so I don’t want to change carriers, but I am totally fed up with all this irrational treatment and no compensation. I have strived to talk to someone several times and I just get the runaround and now they have me at a balance that I cannot resolve. I need my service due to business and serious medical issues in my family. I am very disappointed in the treatment I have received from Verizon. I have been a long time customer and I know they have the ability to make some adjustments to my account, but they refuse to make them. I have never had bills this excessive and it is absolutely unfair for such a large consumer to take advantage of a long time customer.

Verizon is such a huge company it is very hard to get any personal customer service to resolve problems and I’ve needed help for several months….but it never comes.


Maurine O. Strom


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