Comcast Cable Complaint

Comcast Stole My Money - Television, Phone, and Internet

- East Hartford

I started with a package costing somewhere around $60 per month for simple cable and internet. Every week I received a call from a Comcast representative telling me that for just a little bit more money I could upgrade my package and get more stuff. After receiving relentless calls I decided to finally go through with an offer that I had liked. Phone, TV with almost every channel, and the fastest internet they offered for $120 per month. They send me the boxes in I install it myself. When I call to activate it, the number I was given to call had been disconnected. So I call Comcast support and they fix everything. Or so I thought. My phone stops working, and after waiting for an hour for my TV channels to load, I still only have the same channels that I had before, none of the ones I was told I get worked. I call back and they fix my phone for me, but then my internet stops working. They tell me they can't activate it from there office, they will need to send a tech out. So I wait 2 days with no internet, or phone. The tech shows up, fixes everything and then leaves. Not even 1 hour after he leaves the phone stops working again, and the box for the bedroom TV no longer works. I go online to try talking to someone online about my problems, and I find out that my bill for this month is going to be $250...I got charged $25 for calling them to report a problem on their end. I got charged $80 because they send a tech out because they couldn't fix the problem on their end over the phone. And apparently my bill is $140 per month when I was told $120. STAY AWAY FROM COMCAST!!!!

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