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- Kansas

I called Comcast Cable today to report that most of my channels either do not work, or have lines going through them. I called and spoke with "Mary" in customer service who ran me around about ten minutes hooking, and unplugging, my cable, TV, and vcr areas. I explained to "Mary" that I have been having issues with my cable since the power outage that we had in Olathe earlier this year. Mary was very rude, and I asked for a emergency appointment, explaining I can only watch my basic channels and for paying around 80.00 a month it's ridiculous for me to continue not being able to watch the channels that I want. Mary did not originally want me to make an appointment, she continually told me to plug, and unplug the cable areas. After telling her that I am not a cable person and it still wasn't working Mary suggested an appointment next Wednesday.

I told Mary that was unacceptable because I can not watch TV and it wasn't only one or two channels out but most of my cable. Mary then stated to me that it was acceptable to make me wait that long for a repair person over the holidays. I stated that I work in customer service and I know they have emergency repair people, she refused to set me up with an appointment, I then asked for the corporate address to file a complaint, which she did not give to me. I then disconnected the call.

I have no appointment, only marginal cable channels and have to pay the 80.00 per month. I'm being completely ripped off by Comcast cable. Can you help?

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Reader Comments:

Posted by rmarquez_19769 on 10/21/2007

Posted by trsgman20 on 01/13/2008
I don't work for Comcast, but I do work for a cable company and I am one of the "Emergency Repair People" you mentioned. I can speak from Experience when I say that us "Emergency Repair People" can't run on every individual service call that comes in because we are out working on service outages that are affecting hundreds of customers, not just one, like yourself. That is why it is vital for customer service to "SCHEDULE" appointments, because believe me, there are way more customers than Technicians. You may not be the only customer having problems. I suggest that you call Comcast back and schedule that appointment, you'll catch more flies with honey than you will with Vinegar.

Posted by silverspartan118 on 10/16/2008
I cant watch 80% of my channels on my downstairs television. Its horrible trying to watch a hockey game then have a line go through the screen. After the line white noise ensues. How did they fix your tv?

Posted by GutenX on 09/20/2009
As a Comcast rep, I can tell you that Mary shouldn't have been a jerk about it, and should have scheduled an appt with you after the standard tools for troubleshooting over the phone had failed. However, trsgman20 is right. There are emergency techs, but they are usually for no dial tone for phone service, or escalations, like a problem that has still not been fixed after multiple appts.

Yes, it sucks that you could not watch MOST of your TV. But the schedule populates only what is available in real in, when she said "wednesday" that was the earliest appt she could give you that minute...meaning after you hung up you almost certainly lost that appt because someone else with a problem similar to yours simply setup the appt.

You should have just picked an appt, and then call in for a credit when your service is back up, so that you weren't paying for the time lost. Unfortunately, what may seem like an emergency to you may not actually be one. Cable is a luxury, not a necessity. There is such a thing as bad customer service, but there is also such a thing as being an unreasonable customer, and it sounds like a little of both went on there.

Catching flies with honey/vinegar, etc. etc.

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